[Exclusive] New OnePlus Keyboard image reveals a close-up look at design


The OnePlus 11 will be available in India on February 7th, after its release in China earlier this month. Aside from the flagship, the firm is also working on a keyboard called the OnePlus Keyboard. Now, 91mobiles has received exclusively from a reliable source that the OnePlus Keyboard will be released with the flagship on February 7th. We were also able to get a fresh photograph that displays a close-up of the design. The keyboard looks to be mechanical in nature.

There is a dedicated microsite on the OnePlus website that says the product is now under testing, with a February launch and mass manufacturing in March. While the keyboard will first be available in India, there is a potential that OnePlus would bring it to other regions as well.

OnePlus keyboard

The OnePlus Keyboard will be white in colour, bringing back childhood memories. Function, backspace, Del, page up and page down keys are visible, as is a red button that might be the power button. According to the OnePlus website, the keyboard will include a ‘Double gasket-mounted design’ as well as a custom-made layout and profile.

OnePlus-Keyboard (1)

According to OnePlus, the gasket construction offers a perfectly regulated yet gentler actuation with a pleasing sound. While the keyboard is not quiet, it is claimed that the perceptible sound has been “dampened while keeping the greater typing experience.”

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The OnePlus keyboard is compatible with both Mac and Windows. The layout is compatible with both operating systems and even Linux, giving it an easy all-in-one solution for all keyboard demands. The keyboard fully supports sophisticated, programmable features such as hot-swappable switches and open-source firmware. The hot-swappable capability enables quick and seamless switch adjustments. RGB illumination is also supported by the keyboard.

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