Apple’s iPhone 14, TSMC takes on the whole 5G modem order

According to a fresh rumour from a Chinese news agency, TSMC is prepared to fill all of Apple’s 5G modem orders for the next iPhone 14 series. This revelation contradicts a previous rumour that said TSMC would only accept a fraction of the orders.

Apple's iPhone 14, TSMC takes on the whole 5G modem order

According to reports, TSMC refused to confirm the order’s details. However, unnamed supply industry insiders have told the magazine that the 5G modems would be manufactured using TSMC’s 6nm technology.


Apple’s design was expected to be based on TSMC’s 4nm technology. Apple is also working on additional associated components, including radiofrequency and millimetre wave parts that connect to the modem itself, as well as a power management processor specifically for the modem, according to the sources.

Apple's iPhone 14, TSMC takes on the whole 5G modem order

according to Economic Daily News, TSMC’s 6nm 5G modems should consume much less power than the Qualcomm modems that Apple currently employs. With the upcoming iPhone, compared to the existing iPhone 13, this would result in battery savings.

Apple's iPhone 14, TSMC takes on the whole 5G modem order

Aside from improved performance over 5G and Wi-Fi, another compelling argument to include this new technology in the iPhone 14 is the additional battery life it provides. Not only that, but 5G modems are still power-hungry, which is why Apple advises customers against using 5G all of the time.


MediaTek Dimensity 8100 Chipset Released with TSMC 5nm process

The MediaTek Dimensity 9000 domestic debut took place in December of last year, towards the conclusion of MediaTek’s formal declaration that the Dimensity 8000 series will be released soon. Despite the fact that there is no new terminal with this processor on the market yet, it is expected to release a newer version of Dimensity 8100 in the model, according to the current news.

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Today, Digital Chat Station reported that MediaTek would host a press conference on March 1 to introduce the Dimensity 8100, a high-frequency variant of the Dimensity 8000. Because of the time issue, several producers of the original Dimensity 8000 new machine have replaced it with the Dimensity 8100, which has superior processor data. The quickest new machine will be published next month.

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Furthermore, the blogger stated that the Dimensity 8100 employs TSMC’s 5nm process and that the energy efficiency ratio can make Samsung’s node process hammer burst. The Dimensity 8000’s CPU is made up of four 2.75GHz A78 and four 2.0GHz A55 processors, while the GPU is Mali-G510 MC6. Advanced features include FHD+ 168Hz or QHD + 120Hz screen compatibility, as well as LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1 support. So, who is going to be the first maker and model?

The first HPC-focused N4X process technology is introduced by TSMC.

N4X process technology was introduced, which is appropriate for the severe expectations of High-Performance Computing (HPC) devices. N4X represents the greatest performance and maximum clock frequencies in the 5-nanometer family and is the first of TSMC‘s specialised HPC technology solutions.

TSMC's specialised HPC technology solutions

The “X” designation is reserved for TSMC technologies developed specifically for HPC products. Leveraging its expertise in 5nm volume production, TSMC further enhanced its technology with features ideal for high-performance computing products to create N4X. These features include:

N4X features for high-performance computing products

⧭High driving current and maximum frequency are maximised in device design and construction.

Optimizing the back-end metal stack for high-performance designs

metal-insulator-metal capacitors with a very high density for reliable power supply under quality and performance loads

Its HPC capabilities will enable the N4X to give up to a 15% performance boost over the N5 and a 4% performance boost over the 1.2 volt N4P. The N4X can generate driving voltages of more than 1.2 volts and offers improved performance. Customers can also use the N5 process’s shared design standards to speed up the creation of their N4X products. By the first half of 2023, TSMC anticipates N4X to be in production at risk. 

“HPC is now TSMC’s fastest-growing business segment and we are proud to introduce N4X, the first in line. “X” of our extreme performance semiconductor technologies. Said Dr Kevin Zhang, senior vice president of business development at TSMC. “The demands of the HPC segment are relentless and TSMC has not only adapted our ‘X’ semiconductor technologies to release maximum performance but has also combined them with our advanced 3DFabric ™ packaging technologies to provide the best platform. HPC. TSMC’s HPC  Not only does N4X technology provide performance-optimized silicon, but it also provides maximum design flexibility with its superior 3DFabric packaging technologies and a broad design activation platform through our global partners. TSMC’s open innovation platform is a part of this ecosystem.