Twitter notifies Meta of potential legal action regarding Threads

Twitter notifies Meta of potential legal action regarding Threads

At 48 million sign-ups on its first day following its formal launch yesterday, Meta’s new Threads social network app is the focus of the tech world right now. Twitter has since sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg informing him of its intention to sue Meta for “illegal exploitation of Twitter’s trade secrets and intellectual property.”

According to the complaint, Meta hired a large number of ex-Twitter workers who had access to the company’s trade secrets and intellectual property, which Meta then exploited to its advantage in creating the Threads social networking program.


The letter calls out Meta for utilizing Twitter’s trade secrets and other sensitive information, calling Threads a “copy-cat software” for Twitter, and demands that Meta stop doing so since doing so is illegal under both state and federal law. Also, the letter informs Meta that it is illegal to search or scrape Twitter’s data.


No member of the Threads engineering team has ever previously worked for Twitter, according to a brief statement from Meta communications representative that disputes Twitter’s assertions.

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