Introducing Humane Ai Pin, its first device


The Humane Ai Pin will be the first product from Humane, Inc., the company revealed today. It will be unveiled later this year. A brand-new category of a standalone gadget called the Humane Ai Pin uses an AI-powered software framework to offer cutting-edge personal computing experiences.

A lot of sensors are used by the linked and intelligent wearable device, which is built on clothes, to support contextual and ambient compute interactions. Imran Chaudhri’s TED Talk, “The disappearing computer and a World where you can carry AI Anywhere,” recently gave the first public look at some of these interactions.

For this special gadget and form factor, Humane is working with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The first product from Humane will be run on a cutting-edge Snapdragon platform from Qualcomm Technologies.

The co-founders of Humane, Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, stated: “We are thrilled to disclose that our first product will be called the Humane Ai Pin. With the help of our AI Pin, users will be able to bring AI with them wherever they go and enter a new era of seamless, screenless, sensing personal mobile computing.


We are also excited to announce our partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. A future powered by AI is what Humane and Qualcomm Technologies envision for technology. We are pleased that Qualcomm Technologies is supporting our product because of its unmatched expertise in enabling innovative innovations.

“We are thrilled to be cooperating with Humane and that this unique clothing-based wearable technology will be powered by Snapdragon,” said Dev Singh, Vice President, Business Development at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Ai Pin from Humane will provide an enhanced AI experience and come with a variety of on-device AI features. It can make sense of real-time contextual information and offer the wearer a novel and thrilling experience thanks to its revolutionary and streamlined form factor, which is packed with potent performance. We eagerly await their plans for this item.

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Humane’s Ai Pin will provide a better AI experience, according to Ziad Asghar, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. With the introduction of Generative AI, Humane’s Ai Pin and user experience excels at utilizing some of the primary advantages of on-device AI and makes use of contextual data in real-time to offer the user engaging customized AI use cases. We concur with Humane’s goal of providing everyone with on-device AI and the ability to carry AI with them everywhere they go. We are eager to see where they take this technology.

Qualcomm Company is the owner of the trademark or registered trademark Snapdragon. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries produce Snapdragon.


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