Update for Samsung 990 Pro SSD’s rapid loss in health problems


According to sources, Samsung is releasing a new firmware upgrade for the 990 Pro SSD that addresses the root cause of its quick drop in health. Numerous customer reports have been filed regarding the 990 Pro SSD and 980 Pro SSD families’ quick deterioration in health. Users of the Samsung 990 Pro SSD were looking for a similar resolution after Samsung fixed the problem on the 980 Pro SSD with a firmware update version 5B2QGXA7.

The 990 Pro SSD now has a fresh firmware update with version number 1B2QJXD7. But the business didn’t offer formal release notes for it. According to Tom’s Hardware, the upgrade reportedly resolves the 990 Pro SSD’s issue with quick health deterioration. The wear percentage counter on the SSD that has been impacted by the fault is not reset by this most recent firmware update for the 990 Pro SSD, which is one drawback.

Samsung 990 Pro SSD health problems


The upgrade doesn’t restore the factory default S.M.A.R.T values

The firmware update will correct the underlying problem and prevent the number from increasing if your SSD is now indicating 72% wear, but it won’t cause the number to decrease. Notably, this might be the case because the virus was speeding up the pace of drive deterioration or because the drive was unable to distinguish between natural wear from normal operation and artificial wear from the malware.

Even after implementing the most recent update, one Redditor, caixote, noted that the wear percentage stays the same. Therefore, a new firmware update may offer a cure if you own a Samsung 990 Pro SSD with a high wear percentage. Using the Samsung Magician SSD software, Windows users can install Samsung’s firmware upgrades. In the interim, don’t be afraid to get in touch with Samsung’s customer service and try to get the drive fixed or replaced if it’s still covered by warranty.

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