Xiaomi 13 Ultra Dismantled


1. Describe the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s design and build quality in detail.
2. Talk about the different components of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and how they work together to make it function.
3. Discuss any potential issues or defects that could arise from disassembling the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, as well as how to prevent them.
4. If anyone is interested in disassembling and reassembling a Xiaomi 13 Ultra themself, provide them detailed information on how to do so.

Only a few days after the Xiaomi 13 Ultra announcement, we get to experience a step-by-step dissection of the device.


The procedure for disassembling this high-end phone and describing its parts are both covered in the video. Among these, the cameras are naturally the most interesting. look at the camera module and the system that controls the primary camera’s f/1.9–f/4.0 aperture.

This is the complete video.  it lasts about 13 minutes, it’s worth seeing. Use YouTube’s auto-translation tool if you don’t speak Chinese.


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