The Google Pixel Fold Video has almost leaked

You may have even seen a plastic model and designs, but have you ever seen an actual video of Google’s first foldable phone? The Pixel Fold, unless we’re being deceived, is before you.

It’s true that in this video alone, there isn’t much to identify this as the Google foldable; there aren’t any logos or distinguishing design elements like a large camera bar; instead, there’s simply a selfie camera on the front, internal bezels, and a folding screen with rounded corners. A Google device and a Samsung prototype might easily be the objects in question.


Yet it does so from dependable leaker (and developer) Kuba Wojciechowski, who has been keeping an eye on this device for months. The only other thing he can publicly state, he tells The Verge, is that this specific video is older than a month. He calls it the pixel fold.


The Pixel Fold will reportedly be unveiled at Google I/O on May 10th, ship in June, and cost upwards of $1,700 for a 5.8-inch phone that folds out into a 7.6-inch tablet, with a Google Tensor G2 processor, a 10oz weight, a battery that Google reportedly plans to market as lasting 24 hours on a charge, and “the most durable hinge on a foldable.” I’ll highlight this most recent leak from CNBC.

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pratik patil
pratik patil

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