A possible launch date for the Google Pixel Watch has been leaked

The major question is what device to replace the Apple , which has been on my wrist for almost as long. However, considering the long-awaited Google Pixel Watch is slated to be introduced this year, this may not be such an issue.

We showed you images of the timepiece’s circular form earlier this year, and we provided some marketing presentations of the gadget last month. Initially, tipster Jon Prosser predicted that the watch will be revealed alongside the Pixel 6 line, but that didn’t happen. Then he revealed that has moved the deadline back to the current quarter, which ends in March.


According to Prosser, the Google Watch will be launched at Google I/O.

Now, Prosser has changed the date  again and says  Google will make the Pixel Watch official on Thursday, May 26, adding that this is the “first time we’ve seen a fixed date on the device behind the scenes.” Based on the traditional  Google I/O developer conference dates, the intro could take place at the event. Just like with  Pixel phones, testing Android’s capabilities on the phone, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Google do the same for Wear OS with Pixel Watch

While not much is known about the specifics of the watch, marketing images and renders both show a round display with 2.5D glass and not too large bezels. on the right side of the watch. While we’re unable to determine what health-related features will be found on the phone, one of the renders shows a watch face with a heart rate reading displayed in large numbers. The screen is colorful and appears to use Android 12’s Material You , which includes bright pastel hues. The effect on a smartphone with a 6.4 inch or 6. The 7-inch screen is one thing, but the effect on a much smaller smartwatch is another and it lights up the watch face.

Google’s trust in Wear OS has been restored.

The Pixel Watch was slow to come and go in 2019, while the Pixel 4 series was supposed to present Apple and Samsung with a legitimate challenger, a last-second rumour suggested the smartwatch would appear at the Made by Google event. of this year with the feature-rich Pixel 4 lineup. But the Watch never showed up, and it’s said that one of the reasons for this disappointing turn of events was  Google’s lack of faith in the Watch OS. In November 2019, Google’s parent company Alphabet announced it would spend $2.1 billion to buy Fitbit and said it hoped the acquisition would help improve Wear OS. 

Google Pixel Watch

At last year’s Google I/O, Samsung and Google surprised many when they collaborated to improve Wear OS to make apps open and capable, while improving battery life in smartwatches. by Sammy. The partnership between Samsung and Google included taking the best features of Samsung’s Tizen OS and Google’s Wear OS and combining them. As Google said in a tweet on May 18, “We’re combining the best of @wearosbygoogle and @SamsungMobile Tizen into one unified wearable platform. Apps will start faster, battery life will be longer, and you’ll have more choices than ever before, from devices to apps and watch faces. #GoogleIO.


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