Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 family has just been leaked on Amazon

If you were still unsure about the specs, features, designs, price points, or release date of Samsung’s impending ultra-high-end Galaxy Tab S8 family, Amazon is here to bolster the already reliable information disclosed by multiple tipsters and leakers over the previous few months.

samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family

The early Tab S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra listings that went online earlier today in Italy and France have now been withdrawn, but because you can’t really delete anything from the internet anymore, here’s everything Amazon disclosed, confirmed.

Images and specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8+, and Tab S8 Ultra.

Unlike the 2020 Galaxy Tab S7 lineup, the highly anticipated Tab S8 series will feature three main models, with the absolutely gigantic new 14.6-inch Ultra variant unsurprisingly grabbing the first attention. While some say there’s no bad publicity, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra already seems to be generating some controversy on at least two fronts. First, there’s Samsung’s unusual choice of using a notch rather than a pair of symmetrical top and bottom screen bezels, which, by the way, isn’t (so) neatly hidden in the undoubtedly official image of the product leaked by Amazon. Perhaps more importantly, this Android-based juggernaut was priced at €1,159.34 in a WiFi-only configuration and €1,308.10 with  5G connectivity built-in for a short time, which seems pretty hard to swallow. 

samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family

of course, we expect Europe’s recommended prices to be more… round, those numbers are pretty much on the same playing field as was rumoured last week. While these were moderately accurate, the Tab S8 Ultra is pretty much guaranteed to start at around $1,150 and $1,300 in the US with WiFi and 5G respectively, plus a modest (for $1,000+ standard) 128GB storage. internal storage.

samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family

Amazon, ironically, appears to have “leaked” more graphics but less information overall on the presumably less intriguing 11-inch Tab S8 and 12.4-inch Tab S8 Plus than their larger, badder, and more expensive brother.

samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family
For example, there’s no fresh information on non-Ultra retail price, but we expect the no-notch Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8+ will cost roughly $800 and $950, respectively, in the United States, with 128GB of storage and no 4G LTE or 5G capabilities.

samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family

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