Android 12 can display the status bar and more developed in beta 3.

The Google Phone app is rolling out support for displaying the status bar chip with talk duration on Android 12. Android 12 Beta 2 is officially here. Dive into the new software and discover all the new features and changes that Google has made since Beta 1.

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Beta 2 is a huge step forward in bringing many features to life. The most important part of Android 12 has been hidden or under development. … In previous builds For example, the new privacy dashboard that Google unveiled at Google I / O 2021 is now fully functional in beta 2. Additionally, Material You’s dynamic theme capabilities are also underway. as this is a beta version of the software, some features are still under development and not available for use. One of these features in development is a new status bar indicator for calls.

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to Android 12 Beta 2 code.In fact, this feature is enabled by default, but since the Google Phone app does not yet support it, it is not visible to the end user. But thanks to Android developer @kdrag0n, we were first introduced to the new Android 12 persistent call chip. To test this feature, kdrag0n implemented a new Notification.CallStyle in the Utilities app, extended Android 12. Android 12 Beta 2, fetching call duration in the Beta 2 status bar Android 12 Beta 2 notification screen showing the current call with the end call Beta 2 button Call in progress is displayed as a bubble on the main screen 1111 As you can see in the From section in the above screenshot, when a call is made and the user exits the main call screen.

Android 12 will show a chip displayed in the status bar showing the duration of the call. Currently Android 11 does not show the duration of the current call in the status bar.To check the call duration, you need to return to the main call screen or open the notification panel. As mentioned above, Beta 2 now supports the new ringer chip feature. Alive for everyone. Update 1: Google Phone app adds support for Tipster @ panduu221 contacted us recently to report that they see the chip in the status bar. User is using beta 3 with Google Phone app version 68.388241074publicbeta. If you see this feature, please let us know in the comment section below.

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