Samsung 12.4-inch rollable display with AI speaker showcased

IMID 2021 Korea Display Expo kicks off on August 25 in Korea, and so far we’ve seen some great display devices from domestic manufacturers like Samsung and LG. Samsung unveiled the S-foldable gadget, while LG unveiled an OLED TV with 88-inch sound and a smart bed with a 55-inch transparent OLED display.

Samsung OLED Display Brand

Samsung today unveiled another innovative product. At the event, the company showcased an artificial intelligence speaker that can transform into a 12.4-inch screen in seconds. According to a video from Korea Exhibitions Showcase, Samsung’s AI speaker has a taller design with curved edges.It has a flexible 12.4-inch OLED display panel wrapped around the speaker.

Interestingly, the AI ​​speaker can be turned into a large 12.4-inch panel with a tap of the proprietary app. When the Samsung AI speaker is turned on from the smartphone, it turns off. from rollback position to flat screen position in seconds. The scrolling of the panel when switching between these positions seems to be quite smooth. In related news, Samsung is also planning to introduce a 48-inch flexible OLED panel that plays movies and a 34-inch display with a 144Hz refresh rate. This display technology is so fascinating that we are not sure when these projects will come to fruition.

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