Samsung ElectroMechanics MLCC Development for ADAS

Samsung ElectroMechanics announced on the 12th that it has developed two types of automotive MLCCs, which are part of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and # 40; ADAS ‘, a safe driving system essential for autonomous vehicles. (MLCC) is the main component of electronic devices that control the steady-state current in the circuit of electronic products and is required for smartphones, home appliances and cars.

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recognize and assess possible situations during autonomous driving, including lane keep assist & # 40; LKAS & # 41; Surround View Monitor (SVM) and Intelligent Cruise Control (SCC). As vehicle functions improve, the number of semiconductor and high-performance components installed inside the vehicle is gradually increasing. In particular, the requirement for a self-propelled vehicle with a reliable power supply (source) and noise cancellation capability for various ICs to receive the signal quickly also requires small size and high MLCC capacity.

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Due to the lack of installation space with the increase in the number of components. size 0603 (width 0.6mm, length 0.3mm) and capacitance 100nF (nanofarad) and also high power product with 3216 (width 3.2mm, 1.6 mm) and a capacity of 47 μF (microfarads). ※ 1 μm (micro) = 1000 n (nano) MLCC 0603 delivers the same 100 nF (nanofarad) power as 1005, with a 64% reduction in surface area compared to size 1005 (1.0 mm width, length 0.5 mm). This product is installed on the signal head of the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to eliminate interference from ambient signals and accurately transmit the signal. In addition, the new product has twice the flexural strength of the standard product, which prevents the MLCC from being damaged by shocks and vibrations while driving, increasing product reliability. Specifically, the product complies with AECQ200, the automotive electronic component reliability test standard, so it can be used not only in ADAS but also in other applications such as body, chassis and infotainment system.

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Sizes 3216 (width 3.2 mm and 1.6mm) MLCC is a 47uF product with more than double the capacity of the 22uF product, providing reliable power to semiconductors in your vehicle. Features of ADAS. High-performance microcircuits require high power consumption to operate. This is why a high-power MLCC is very important, which can store and transmit a lot of power. Samsung ElectroMechanics achieved the highest performance in the industry for a product of this size by miniaturizing the dielectric ceramic powder, the MLCC core material. , at the nanoscale, as well as using ultra-precise lamination. Durability is also enhanced by increasing the nominal supply voltage (maximum voltage that can be supplied without damage) 1.5 times (4 V → 6.3 V) compared to the existing product while maintaining an extremely high power of 47 μF.

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Dooyoung Kim, Executive Vice President, Component Solutions, Samsung ElectroMechanics, said, “Demand for compact, powerful and highly reliable MLCCs is growing rapidly as vehicles run on electricity.” Samsung ElectroMechanics will strengthen its technological competitiveness through the development and production of core materials for the MLCC, and will increase the automotive MLCC market share through the internalization of manufacturing capacity and an increase in production capacity.

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