[Latest] Apple Watch Pro CAD renders show new design, glossy body

Apple Watch Pro CAD renders

Hardware for several Apple products will be announced on September 7th by Apple. They’ll be releasing the iPhone 14 series, new iPad models, AirPods Pro 2, and even a Mac Pro. Also coming with these announcements are the new Apple Watch Series 8 and an updated version of the Apple Watch Pro. There have been a few leaks about the Apple Watches that we’ve come across, most recently by Mark Gurman where he has shared an exclusive first look at this product. Now 91mobiles brings an exclusive first look at the design of the Apple Watch Pro 3D to render through CAD renders.

A recent leak of an Apple Watch Pro on the CAD renders. This watch is a 49 mm size, meaning it will not be for everyone and will have an extremely large display. It ends with a quote from Gurman, adding his opinion on the leaks.

apple watch pro CAD renders show

[Latest] Apple Watch Pro CAD renders show

It is unclear if this form factor will be available for other models, but the Apple Watch Pro CAD renders show a large display with very slim bezels. A noticeable redesign can be seen on the right side of the frame, which now has a protrusion housing the Digital Crown, microphone, and multitasking button.

[Latest] Apple Watch Pro CAD renders show

The Apple Watch Pro has a unique design feature with a button on the left of the frame and a speaker vent. The purpose of this unusual design is unclear at the moment, though we will see what it is when it launches.

[Latest] Apple Watch Pro CAD renders show

The Apple Watch will come with a larger, more functional display, which will allow fitness and health statistics to be viewed on the watch. A rugged design and a bigger battery might not appeal to regular users.

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[Latest] Apple Watch Pro CAD renders show

Similar to the iPhone, future versions of the Apple Watch may not have the same features as previous versions but will be designed for use specifically by professionals.

[Latest] Apple Watch Pro CAD renders show

The Apple Watch Pro will have the highest price yet, between $900 to $1000 (approx Rs 72,000 to Rs 80,000).

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