Inside: Galaxy Z Flip 4 Teardown

The first teardown video for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 came online only a few days after it was introduced. The video explains what the foldable phone has inside and how it differs from its antecedent, the Galaxy Z Flip 3. There are several thrilling moments throughout the video.

The quality of Samsung’s latest foldable phone is revealed in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 teardown video by PBKReviews. Using a pry tool, the front and back of the phone’s body may be taken off. You may remove the motherboard after gently removing them, disconnecting a few flex cables, and bringing out a few Philips screws.


 teardown video for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, another mmWave 5G antenna 

The video explains how Samsung has relocated a few elements from the Galaxy Z Flip 3 to this model. The larger battery and extra mmWave 5G antenna on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 are also made known by this information. Additionally, the main camera sensor is larger. An adhesive is used to hold the battery, earpiece, and front camera in position.



The majority of the phone’s components, including RAM, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 engine, and storage, were installed on a dual-sided motherboard by the South Korean company. The motherboard is covered on both sides with graphite sheets to assist in thermal transfer. On top of the primary battery are the NFC and wireless charging coil.

A flex cable connects the subboard, which houses the USB Type-C connector, microphone, and loudspeaker, to the main board. It appears that the loudspeaker has some foam balls that give the impression that it is louder than it is. It is possible to remove the batteries after using solvents.

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