Exclusive: Nothing Phone (2) First Look


Nothing Phone (2) will be released globally and in India this summer, according to the brand. Because of its outstanding performance and unique design features, Nothing’s first smartphone was well appreciated by users. 

The upcoming Nothing Phone 2 is about to hit the market almost a year later. Although the brand has previously verified certain information about the smartphone, we at Smartprix are excited to offer an exclusive first look at the gadget thanks to our trusted source, Steve H. McFly, aka OnLeaks. Please take some time to look through the amazing photos of the item that have been provided.

Nothing Phone (2) First Look

The renders used to build the Nothing Phone 2 design was based on actual images of a testing unit. The device is shown in these renders at a specific point in its development; therefore, it’s likely that minor adjustments were made to the design before the device was officially released.


Like with any product in the development stage, manufacturers frequently make adjustments to the design in response to customer testing and feedback. Although the fundamental idea and essential design components are probably going to stay the same, it’s crucial to remember that the finished product might contain a few little changes or tweaks.

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What has changed from the design of the Nothing Phone 1? as seen in the Nothing Phone 2 images?

Comparing the Nothing Phone 2’s design to that of the Nothing Phone 1, there are a number of noticeable improvements and modifications. The overall appearance and usability of the gadget are being improved by these enhancements. The main design updates are as follows:


Lighting Design Update

The lighting components on the phone’s rear have been redesigned, especially those near the camera module. The item now has a more modern and stylish appearance, which improves its visual quality.

The back is slightly curved

The Nothing Phone 2’s back has a slight curve that resembles a 2.5D design. Its curve gives the phone a sleek, ergonomic feel that enhances handling comfort.


The front is slightly curved

Similar to the back, the device’s front has a tiny curve that resembles a 2.5D design. Users benefit from a seamless and immersive viewing experience thanks to this curved display.

Frame with a Round Shape

The Nothing Phone 2 frame has been slightly curved for a more comfortable grip and a more upscale appearance. This design improvement gives the device’s overall appearance an elegant feel.


Dual LED Flash Upgraded

The Nothing Phone 2 now includes a dual LED setup for its LED flash. With this improvement, photography’s lighting capabilities are guaranteed to increase, enabling users to take clear, well-lit pictures even in dim settings.

Improved Wireless Charging Lights

There has been a noticeable adjustment to the light around the wireless charging coil. The Nothing Phone 2 now uses many short strips of light instead of a single long strip. With this design modification, each strip can be controlled independently, giving you the freedom to develop unique lighting effects to surround the wireless charging area. The device gains a distinctive and personalized touch thanks to this innovation. The SIM tray is located on the right edge, whereas the volume sliders and power buttons are located on the left edge. A speaker grille and a USB Type-C port are located on the bottom edge. No 3.5mm headphone jack is discernible.

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Nothing Phone (2): A Long-Term Strategy

Nothing has supported the device’s sustainability strategy. Compared to Nothing Phone (1), The Phone (2) will have a less carbon footprint.  In comparison to Phone 1, it will contain three times as much recycled or bio-based material, and it will also be packaged without plastic. The aluminum frame will be produced using only renewable energy and 100% recyclable materials.

Nothing Phone (2): Specifications to Expect

Nothing confirms that the Phone (2) will have a larger display or a 0.15-inch size increase has been confirmed. The upcoming Phone (2) will have an aluminum frame and a pill-shaped video indication on the back. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU will power the Nothing Phone 2, which will also have computational improvements for improved photography and videography. Also, there will be three years of Android OS updates. Nothing Phone 2 is expected to have a 4700mAh battery, 8GB RAM, and up to 256GB storage onboard.

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