Nothing Ear (2) in black New leaks reveal

A new Black color option for the transparent earbuds has been revealed in leaked, official-looking pictures that have been making the rounds online for almost four months.

A lot of new products were released at the beginning of 2023, one of which was the Nothing Ear (2), the replacement for the highly successful Ear (1) earphones. The new “Personal Sound Profile” setting on the upgraded earphones adjusts audio tuning to better suit the user. The groundwork has been laid for a better version of Nothing’s transparent earphones thanks to this and an updated software.


While transparent items’ colorways can’t always be modified between generations, leaked photographs posted on Twitter show a new, slight modification in the inner loop of the Nothing Earbuds.

The silicone tips and white casing of the Nothing Ear (2) are replaced with black ones at the driver chassis. The stem is still distinct because altering it would probably result in a new lineup and a different naming scheme. In addition, the Qi-capable charging case matches the earbuds’ new black color scheme.

The Nothing Ear (2) buds aren’t brand-new, but the recent leak raises the possibility that the company intends to update the product range by launching a new hue. While the Nothing Buds’ white hue, which highlights their transparent construction, is stunning, not everyone prefers it. A new black shade might be enough to convince some people to purchase the ANC earbuds.

The expected Nothing Ear (2) Black earphones are expected to maintain the same $149 price as the original white version.


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pratik patil

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