Nothing Phone (2) teaser reveals First Look

Nothing Phone (2) teaser

Nothing arrived and announced, “Nothing to see here,” but rather something else. Totally ignoring the cringe-worthy puns, this morning has been thrilling since Nothing officially announced on Twitter that the Nothing Phone (2) is on target to release in the summer of 2023 and will be a high-end device.

The upcoming Nothing Phone (2) has been mentioned previously. The CEO of the firm, Carl Pei, has discussed it in his own words, and there have already been a number of leaks concerning the phone’s purported specifications. One of these details is the device’s processor, which is thought to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2 CPU, an enhanced version of the most recent Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

It goes without saying that Carl Pei and Nothing are experts in teasing product releases in a way that captures the attention of people’s curiosity. They did it with the Nothing Phone (1), the Nothing Ear (1), and the Nothing Ear (2), and the announcement made today was no different.

Simple yet interesting, the partial reveal shows what looks to be the device’s upper right corner with a flashing red LED. A bigger version of the teaser image with more information and a different design element is displayed when you click the link in the tweet to sign up for updates.

Naturally, this has generated discussions on social media and in the Nothing Community on Discord, where there is already a lot of speculative discussion about what each design aspect could indicate about the phone’s functionality.

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The red light that is flashing and the existence of what looks to be a slider are the two features that stand out the most. The Nothing Phone (1) has a recording light indication that blinks identically like the one in the teaser and is noted for its blinking LED lights on the rear. This raises the issue of whether this blinking light will work in the same way as the one on the phone (1) or if it will have a different function, maybe as a notification LED.

Another interesting feature to consider is the apparent changeover. Considering the form of the Phone (1) and where this alleged switch would be located on the device itself, it is probable that this is purely a design element rather than an alert slider or mute switch. In addition to pointing out that this couldn’t possibly be a true physical switch, given that everything on the back of the phone would be covered in glass, concept designer Ben Geskin’s tweet below provides a better illustration of where this component would sit and what it would look like.

One thing is for certain: the teaser succeeded in generating conversation about the final design and the premium features the Nothing Phone (2) will offer that the first version did not. It will be fascinating to see how the gadget will rank in terms of cost as well.

The Nothing Phone (1) was clearly designed and priced as a mid-ranger, but when it was made available in the United States as part of the Beta program, the pricing was aggressive. The Nothing Phone (2) is expected to be a premium U.S.-first release, as Carl Pei has stated in interviews, therefore the price is not expected to be as inexpensive as it was previously. 

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