Project Diamond: The Galaxy S23 codename has been revealed

Project Diamond: The Galaxy S23 codename has been revealed

Galaxy Note family is out of the picture for good and the Galaxy S22 trio growing on in years, it’s only natural for many die-hard Samsung fans to turn their focus to the Galaxy S23 series, which is rapidly coming.

Wait a minute, it’s still March 2022, which means the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra haven’t even been released for a month. While it’s much too soon for customers of these Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 powerhouses to consider upgrading, the S23 series has already made headlines.

Project Diamond: The Galaxy S23 codename has been revealed

That’s how the rumour mill works nowadays, pumping out information about the “next great thing” before the current big thing has even been fully launched and completely reviewed. For what it’s worth, the samsung galaxy s23 2023 information provided today isn’t really significant, at least not in terms of the ultra-high-end phone lineup for 2023.

Samsung’s crown gem has been given an apt moniker

While it’s true that diamonds are everlasting, referring to an unannounced smartphone (or three) as “Project Diamond” internally is surely thrilling.

If you’re wondering if that codename signifies anything, we’re sorry to say that we don’t believe it does. Samsung has a habit of selecting internal titles for incoming flagships that sound interesting, thrilling, or mysterious without implying any new features, designs, or advancements.

To demonstrate, here’s how each recent Galaxy S-series hero device was dubbed before it was officially announced:

Galaxy S22 family – Rainbow (R – S22, G – S22 Plus, B – S22 Ultra)
Galaxy S21 – Unbound (aka Galaxy U)
Galaxy S20 – Hubble
Galaxy S10 – Beyond
Galaxy S9 – Star
Galaxy S8 – Dream
Galaxy S7 – Project Lucky

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In conclusion, we don’t expect a diamond-encrusted model in next year’s samsung galaxy s23 ultra 5g, but this option might indicate that Samsung is aiming to improve the resilience and long-term longevity of its high-end devices.

This codename disclosure looks to have arrived much sooner than normal, but before you jump to that conclusion, keep in mind that it might have less to do with an early release and more to do with recent rumours of a mystery new Samsung foldable.

The bad news

If the Galaxy S23 is actually nicknamed Project Diamond, it’s safe to assume there won’t be a third Galaxy foldable in 2022. Of course, such a gadget might be in the works under a different codename, but until that codename (or product) begins making the rounds, we wouldn’t get too enthusiastic about the prospect of a Flex Note or any other rollable handset.

With any such experimental goods expected to be announced in 2023, it’s probably best to spend your efforts, time, and money on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, which are certain to be released this year.

samsung galaxy folding smartphone

With a built-in S Pen, considerably enhanced durability, and an as-yet-unannounced chipset under the hood, the Z Fold 4 seems particularly fascinating (though not revolutionary).

But maybe the best news of all is that the samsung galaxy s23 leaking games have officially begun now that the codename has been revealed, making it a lot simpler for insiders to dig up information and disseminate it to the wider public. Who’s up for some delectable “Diamond” morsels?

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