Meet the New Samsung XCover6 Pro

Meet the New Samsung XCover6 Pro

Samsung Electronics unveiled the new Galaxy XCover6 Pro, a smartphone that is enterprise-ready and carefully developed to handle even the most demanding organisations. Employees will benefit from the XCover6 Pro greater mobility, powerful performance, end-to-end security, and ruggedized durability whether they are using the device in the office or out in the field.

According to KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, “the proliferation of mobile technology in the workplace means that business is no longer restricted to an office, and firms must change to stay up with this ever-changing landscape.”With the release of the Galaxy XCover6 Pro, a device that combines unmatched durability with seamless connection to enable success for companies of all shapes and sizes, we’re thrilled to expand this commitment.

Meet the New Samsung XCover6 Pro

Performance that is Strong for Unbeatable Productivity

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro is a breakthrough in ruggedized performance, and it is driven by an improved 6nm CPU to give supercharged speeds that reduce the workday length and enable workers to complete more. There are no sacrifices with the job you perform since the XCover6 Pro offers expanded storage and an optional microSD card. Additionally, it is the first XCover series gadget to enable 5G networking, enabling users to work from any location with a signal. Additionally, the XCover6 Pro may enable teamwork with coworkers easier and more effective than ever before thanks to Wi-Fi 6E’s capability for the 6GHz band.

Meet the New Samsung XCover6 Pro

Nowadays, work may be done anywhere, so employees need a flexible, dependable gadget. The Galaxy XCover6 Pro’s long-lasting, the changeable battery can be quickly changed out for a new one when it runs out, allowing customers to effortlessly extend the battery life of their handset. Additionally, several users may dock their devices and swiftly recharge for unbroken productivity owing to the practical POGO charging features.

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The Galaxy XCover6 Pro offers Samsung DeX for employees who alternate between working in-person and remotely. This lets users have a PC-like experience by connecting their device to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Additionally, workers may use their XCover6 Pro to snap photographs and take notes while out and about, and then utilise that data to create reports once they get back to their desks.

Strong and Sleek for Difficult Work Environments

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro is the ideal partner for every business activity, whether it is used by delivery drivers, sales representatives, or law enforcement personnel. It is built to withstand rigorous working conditions. It is designed to survive harsh weather, drops, and other risks that come with operating in the field thanks to its rugged MIL-STD-810H approved design, IP68 certification, and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+. Additionally, Touch Sensitivity settings can be changed to increase the screen’s responsiveness in situations where gloves are required or workers are using their devices outside in the rain. Additionally, enhancements for touch in wet environments make it simpler to use when your hand is damp in rainy conditions.

Meet the New Samsung XCover6 Pro

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro is made to last, allowing it to provide companies with the most value while having the least negative environmental effect. Its long lifespan is made possible by the sturdy design, which uses recyclable polymers and a battery that can be changed. In order to support Galaxy for the Planet’s mission of lowering e-waste, Samsung additionally offers security updates for up to five years as well as four additional One UI and OS upgrades following the device’s first worldwide launch.

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Designed to Meet the Needs of Modern Mobile Business

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro was created to assist companies in expanding via the continual development of mobile technology. It is secured by Samsung Knox, the industry-leading end-to-end mobile security solution, which offers multi-layered security that is rooted in the chip. In order to provide end-to-end and real-time security against the ongoing risks facing the contemporary workforce, the platform functions as a vault with hardware-based defences that are completely integrated with the software.

Meet the New Samsung XCover6 Pro
Samsung’s One UI adds an additional layer of security by enabling users and IT administrators to easily manage their devices through an intuitive interface that includes clear sharing and protection choices. Administrators may remotely maintain device integrity to make sure that devices are secure and untampered with, and biometric support for fingerprint and face recognition makes sure that the intended user is using the device.

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