Galaxy S23 series new camera-related accessories

The majority of current flagship phones are more than capable of being used as professional or even personal cameras. One of the greatest Android smartphones now available, the Samsung S23 series, has a potent camera system, notably the S23 Ultra.

The Slim Tripod Stand and a Camera Grip, both of which can be added to and removed from the case, are two recently announced Samsung accessories for the S23 device Case that you may be interested in learning about if you already have one.


The tripod stand has a very compact design. When folded, it doesn’t take up much room and may be used, for instance, as a one-handed grip when filming a handheld vlog. As it is unfurled, it appears to be constructed of metal and is rather strong for what it is. When fastened to the little tripod, the phone may also be rotated from a vertical to a horizontal position.

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A motorized device that can be used as a camera grip or a small stand makes up the second attachment. It comes with a Bluetooth remote that allows you to adjust the tilt of the stand and open the shutter remotely. This one would be excellent if you want to include more of yourself in the frame when taking a self-portrait or video.

Galaxy-S23-Camera-Grip-Stand-2 Galaxy-S23-Camera-Grip-Stand-1

The Slim Tripod Stand is now available for purchase on Samsung’s UK website for £34, which is equivalent to $41 USD. This was discovered by the people at AndroidAuthority (the price might be very different when it comes to the US). Yet no price has been assigned to the Camera Grip yet.

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