That is what the brand new m1x mac mini should appear like – thinner with higher ports

way to intel accrued by famous tipster jon prosser, we might also have an early glimpse at apple’s next mac mini.

Technewsrooms M1xmini

What you are seeing are initial renders based on rumors. The standalone pc will be a lot smaller way to the use of the following-era apple silicon chipset – the m1x (running identify, may want to very well be the m2 or something altogether one-of-a-kind). Ports-wise the new mac mini will be well-equipped with four usb 4. Zero/ thunderbolt 3 type-c ports, two usb-a ports, ethernet, enormous hdmi and the magnetic strength connector apple introduced with the m1-powered imac. This is what the brand new m1x mac mini may want to seem like – thinner with higher ports

apparently the subsequent mac mini could lose the all metal build and feature a plexiglass-like top panel. The motives for the exchange are unknown, but prosser points that it is able to be to permit for brand new -toned colourful fashions, just like the new imac’s.

Technewsrooms M1xmini

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