Google Assistant built in, the Google Watch is powered by Exynos CPU.

According to new information, Google’s next Pixel Watch will be powered by a Samsung Exynos CPU and will have the next-generation Google Assistant. Before we get into the potential features of Google’s impending Wear OS smartwatch, one issue that remains unresolved is how the firm will brand the gadget.

Google's next Pixel Watch

Fitbit has revealed plans for a Wear OS device and Google’s own wearable with integrations. While branding and marketing of Google’s smartwatch are likely still in the works, our team unearthed evidence suggesting the company was considering releasing a Pixel-branded watch. Since the second year of the Pixel line, Google has included an Android “function” tag in phones called “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE”. Some Google apps look for this tag to know when to offer Pixel-exclusive features. With subsequent generations of Pixel phones, Google has continued to create more features that are exclusive to the latest Pixel phones. 

This resulted in annual feature tags like “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_2021” for the Pixel 6 series, as well as tags like “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_2020_MIDYEAR” for the Pixel 5a.

Wear OS’s Next-Gen Assistant

That since the launch of the Google Pixel 4, the Pixel series phones have included “the next generation assistant.” This version of the Assistant is unique in that it processes your speech directly on your device rather than through Google’s servers, resulting in incredible speed. The ability to accomplish things in your app with only your voice, such as filtering a gallery in Google Photos, is the most essential feature of the Next Generation Assistant. In addition, some operations, such as updating phone settings, maybe completed totally offline by the next-generation assistant.

Google's next Pixel Watch

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While browsing through various Google apps, our team found references to “Rohan,” reported by Front Page Tech and Business Insider as a codename associated with the Pixel Watch. Thanks to these references, we were able to directly link “Rohan” to the addition of the next-generation assistant to Wear OS devices. Since the Next Generation Assistant is still a Pixel exclusive, this also indicates that “Rohan” is a “Pixel” watch.

Exynos chip as a possibility

The next-generation assistant must be able to process speech directly on the device in order to operate like it does on Pixel phones. This would very certainly necessitate the use of a high-end smartwatch chip. We found evidence that the gadget might be powered by a Samsung Exynos CPU when hunting for references to the codename “Rohan” in several locations in Wear OS Code. It’s unclear whether this is the same Exynos W920 processor seen in the Galaxy Watch 4. While not confirmed, the use of an Exynos processor in a Pixel Watch wouldn’t be surprising. Samsung and Google collaborated closely on the development and distribution of Wear OS 3, with the Galaxy Watch 4 acting as the official launch device for the new Wear OS version based on Android 11.

The high-end Exynos chip, the Galaxy Watch 4 is the current pinnacle. what an Android smartwatch can be. Beyond that, the Google Tensor chips that power the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are basically Samsung Exynos chips that are built into components designed by Google such as the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). It’s possible that Google will take an Exynos chip, but some of its own hardware in it, and brand it as a Google Tensor chip. Or, it could just be released with an Exynos branded chip.

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