Google Pay Is Getting Some Material You Changes


The Google Pay app, which previously suggested Google’s future payment plan, is still accessible to customers in three countries and is receiving minor Material You updates.

GPay’s bottom bar was flowing and somewhat unusual from the start. There was a bugle-like indication at the top in addition to highlighting the current tab in blue and displaying a text label.

The bottom bar of GPay has changed to a tall, pill-shaped standard Material You bottom bar. Dynamic Color isn’t yet being used. Blue is the only accent colour utilised. Although the software is modernised, this adjustment makes it a little less engaging.

Google Pay Material You UI soon

old-google-pay-2 (1) google-pay-material-you-1 (1) old-google-pay-1-1 (1) google-pay-material-you-2 (1)

The app is basically unchanged, with the exception of a few small buttons and size changes (a slightly larger search field at the top).

A tiny upgrade to the outdated “new Google Pay” app is an intriguing development. GPay will continue to be accessible in the three nations where it was initially introduced, the firm announced when Google Wallet launched. (Wallet is not also offered in India.)

People who have been using GPay in an intended manner would undoubtedly raise a fuss if Google decided to discontinue the money-spending tracking/”Insights” feature.

Version 167.1.5 of GPay’s Material You has undergone a revamp, albeit there is a server-side component that has not yet been extensively implemented.

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