Pixel family added now has new features

Pixel family added now has new features

For the Pixel family, new software features have come

Clear voice reception.
Put sound everywhere around you (coming January 2023).
Making notes just become simpler.
additional security when online.
stunning wall coverings.
fresh cultural wallcoverings.
Get it. Fast.
Privacy and security are made simple.

The newest Pixel Feature Drop is here—a gift that keeps on giving. It’s our largest one to date and a first for the Google Pixel Watch, with the goal of simplifying your life. The most recent Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, as well as the Pixel Watch, are now receiving updates. Look at the fresh content.

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Surf sensibly (the web, that is)

No matter what app or web browser you’re using, your online behaviour is now secured at the network level with the free inclusion of VPN by Google One in Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

The VPN by Google One service is designed to make sure that your network traffic cannot be connected to your identity, whether you’re in the airport or your neighbourhood coffee shop. Find out more about the additional layer of online security provided by VPN by Google One here.

new unified privacy and security settings

You can now easily safeguard your phone, accounts, and passwords by reviewing your security and privacy settings, risk levels, and other information in one location. Included in this are brand-new action cards that alert you to any security threats and provide simple measures you can take to improve your privacy and security.

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Are you aware? Calls are visible!

Nothing is more annoying than having trouble hearing the person on the other end of a phone conversation. Thanks to Tensor G2, your Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro can now improve the other caller’s sound and lessen background noise with Clear calling, allowing you can hear them clearly even if they’re in a noisy environment.


Take note of who said what

With speaker labels, Pixel’s Recorder has become even more intelligent. With a Pixel 6 or newer, Recorder now recognises and labels each speaker when you record and transcribe an English conversation. It also inserts line breaks when the speaker changes. You may record a meeting, lecture, interview, or chat with each participant identified separately. You can witness this feature as it processes speaker tagging live and on-device using machine learning. Additionally, you may quickly re-label speakers with their names after the recording is finished.


Learn more about how you sleep

You can now discover more about your sleeping habits and the implications of your sleeping style with the Fitbit Sleep Profile, which is now available for Pixel Watch. You can also get advice on how to obtain better sleep. This well-liked Fitbit Premium function uses six distinct sleep animals to represent your habits after accounting for ten different factors of sleep, such as length, regularity of bedtime, and interruption. 


With these profiles and insights into your sleeping patterns, the outcomes can change on a monthly basis based on your unique measurements and actions, allowing you to reflect on and improve your sleep. You’ll see your findings on the first day of the next month if you wear your Pixel Watch to bed for at least 14 nights each month.

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On the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, cough and snoring detection is now enabled, which improves breathing. Pixel can help you identify factors that interfere with your sleep, such as snoring and coughing during the night or using your phone too close to bedtime. To quickly access these capabilities, enable Bedtime mode under the Clock and Digital Wellbeing settings.

Make more of yourself with your Pixel phone and watch

To honour the International Day of People with Disabilities, add three new Curated Culture wallpapers to your Pixel phone. This piece was illustrated by poet, novelist, podcaster, and artist Morgan Harper Nichols and is based on real-life conversations and experiences.


Additionally, the graphics in our new Live Bloom wallpaper collection make your Pixel screen come to life as your phone moves.

With a suite of new tiles for well-known apps, there are also additional options to personalise what’s on your wrist so that vital information is always within reach. To make it easier for you to schedule your day around the times when the sun rises and sets, we’ve integrated the Sunrise/Sunset Tile from the Weather app. 

tiles-weather-webmax-1000x1000 tiles-contacts-webmax-1000x1000

We’re making it even simpler to stay in touch with your favourite people with the Contacts app. Up to five contacts from your Favorites can be pinned so you can quickly call or text them and view their contact information.

much more to look at in the next year

Get ready for January to fully immerse yourself in your media with spatial audio. Your Pixel will support spatial audio with head tracking when coupled with Pixel Buds Pro, giving you the impression that you are in the middle of your favourite films and television programmes. With wired headphones, spatial audio may also be activated. Your residence will resemble a personal theatre in many ways.

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