Google Pixel Fold release concept renders

Google Pixel Fold release date, price, features, and news. After the Android 12 beta was released in May, we received a foldable smartphone recommendation report from Google. Specifically, the following pixel model 

Google Pixel Fold concept renders

Google Pixel Fold release concept renders

Does this mean that Google is preparing to launch a foldable Google Pixel, which may be called Google Pixel Fold or Google Pixel Passport? We currently have information about Google’s next foldable phone. Google Pixel Fold will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021. Well-known insider Ross Young announced that Pixel Fold will be released at the end of 2021.

Google Pixel Fold release concept renders

Pixel fold leaks or release date information is available. Google Pixel Fold costs less than US$1999. Pixel Fold’s closest competitor, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, is expected to be available at around US$1,799, which is the initial price point of Z Fold 2 at US$1999. Between $1499 and $1999. Google is unlikely to want to spend its first foldable phone on the affordable (and upcoming) Galaxy Z Fold model.

Google Pixel Fold release concept renders

Google Pixel foldable phones from different angles (pictures we searched for patents in Google, suggesting that the company is considering making foldable phones as early as 2019. In May of this year, Google applied for a patent for foldable phones, although this phone has a Galaxy Z Flip phone. Recently, a patent application in April 2020 showed that Google is also considering adopting a book phone design similar to Z Fold. The patent focuses on the hinge of a foldable phone, indicating that Google has done it This makes it better based on the Pixel 5 design, we have the following conceptual renderings, provided by YouTuber Waqar Khan.

Google Pixel Fold release concept renders


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Although they sound cool, keep in mind that they may not reflect the final Pixel Fold design. We provide you with real design photos. Come here as soon as it is in stock, so stay tuned! As for the screen, Google’s Pixel Fold is said to have a 7.6-inch flexible OLED screen made by Samsung, which is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold and can be folded in half, but at the same time. First of all, we hope that Google Pixel Fold has an additional small.

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