Pixel Buds Pro get Head Tracking of the upcoming update


Google eventually made the long-awaited Pixel Buds Pro update with support for spatial audio available earlier this year. The function is meant to increase the viewer’s immersion when watching any media that supports it, primarily to simulate an immersive auditory experience similar to that of a movie theatre when watching movies and videos (5.1 or 7.1 surround sound).

But Google also stated that users would soon be able to use Head Tracking, which appears to be one of the features they were promised. The Pixel Buds app will gain a new options page where users will be able to select between having Spatial Audio switched on or off. This information comes from an APK deconstruction performed by the team at 9to5Google. But, there is a toggle for head tracking on the page, indicating that it will also soon be available.

Pixel Buds Pro Head Tracking 


The demo video on this new settings page, which features orchestral music and nature noises coming from various directions, is what makes it more unique. This is most likely a feature Google included to enable Pixel Buds Pro owners to distinguish between Head Tracking and Spatial Audio when they are on or off. That way, you may easily switch back to stereo audio if you don’t particularly like the way things sound.


Remember that in order to use Spatial Audio and, most likely, the future “Head Tracking” function, you must own a Pixel 6/6 Pro or a Pixel 7/7 Pro. As of right now, Google has not made any announcements regarding the inclusion of these capabilities on its more affordable Pixel “a” series, which is unquestionably among of the greatest low-cost smartphones available.

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It wouldn’t be unreasonable to anticipate the feature in the near future given how complete the Head Tracking implementation appears to be. It might be included in the forthcoming Pixel Feature Drop, which is scheduled to debut in March.


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