Invitation to Galaxy Unpacked 2

The world of our users is large and colorful, with many interesting and unique ways to live it. Their technology needs to reflect their unique personalities. On October 20, Samsung will unveil Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 which will feature products that open up new ways to express one’s self.

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The event will air on Samsung’s YouTube channel starting at 10 a.m.ET. Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for regular updates ahead of the event as well as the latest information on devices and media resources.

Samsung hasn’t revealed what exactly this Unpacked event will be, but the company says it will show us how to “open up new experiences for self-expression through technology” next Wednesday. The 12-second video invitation posted by the Korean conglomerate doesn’t explicitly reveal anything, but we do see a few app icons, which may suggest that the company make a software-related announcement. Maybe something about One UI and the stable launch of Android 12.

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