Later this year, Nothing Phone 2 will launch in the US


In terms of markets, we made the United States our top goal, said Nothing CEO Carl Pei in an interview with Inverse. The Phone (1), which you can purchase for $300 but is meant as a beta test, is not designed to support bands used by US carriers, so this won’t happen with it. The Nothing Phone 2, scheduled to launch in late 2023, will be the one to focus on the US market.

Nothing sells more than TWS buds in the US; sales make up 30% of global sales. Pei interprets this as evidence that the Nothing Phone 2 will see a similar level of success in the brand-new market. The new model will be more expensive than the original; nonetheless, Pei is hesitant to refer to it as a “flagship” because the firm prioritizes inventive hardware design above obtaining the best technology at all costs in favour of a refined software experience.

When will Nothing Phone 2 be released?

Why was the US market not considered while the Phone (1) was being developed? But, nothing had the means. US carriers mandate that phones pass a certification procedure and specify the functions that must be present in the OS. Pei claims that because there were initially just 5 engineers on the mobile team, the development of Nothing OS had to be outsourced.


However, the group has since grown, and there are currently 100 individuals working on the program. Nothing in the Android 13 beta is entirely house-made. Since the company’s launch only a few years ago, it has expanded. In 2021, there were 200 employees, and there are now 400. From $24 million in its initial year to $200 million in 2022, its income has also increased dramatically. The business is now equipped to enter a new market.

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Pei also sees a window of opportunity, citing research that indicates US customers are beginning to get weary of the Apple/Samsung duopoly. As options, they mostly have Motorola and OnePlus, but Nothing will soon enter the competition. More physical stores will be opened as part of the expansion strategy. The company’s first location, in London’s Soho, has been doing well (the proximity to a Supreme store helps with foot traffic). Still, the CEO claims that additional merchandise is required to propel the location into profitability.

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