Nothing Phone 1 Teased Android 13 beta

Nothing Phone 1
Nothing Phone 1


CEO of Nothing Carl Pei tweeted a teaser
The Nothing Phone 1 operating on android 13 is seen in a screenshot
Users have not reportedly voiced any complaints about delayed software upgrades

Nothing CEO Carl Pei appears to have hinted that the Nothing Phone 1 will feature Android 13. Car Pei teaser is a tweet that shows a straightforward screenshot of the information on his Nothing Phone (1) system. All eyes were immediately drawn to the “Android version” section of the image, which reads Android 13.

The following question asked Carl Pei when a beta program for users to sign up for and the test would launch, to which he promptly responded, “soon.”The responses were flooded with excitement and additional inquiries regarding how they could participate in this beta program by numerous Phone owners. Since he has not yet responded to those remarks, we will have to wait a bit longer to learn more.

The Nothing phone 1 has been prodded to get Android 13 since August. For its first smartphone, the company has promised three significant OS upgrades to upgrade the device from Android 12 to at least Android 15.

Teased Android 13 Nothing Phone 1

It would appear that a number of the phone’s key features, such as its Glyph interface (the lighting on its back), are to blame for the lengthy delay in Android-13’s release on the Phone (1). However, prior to the beta release, things appear to be going well, as Pei stated in a subsequent tweet that the initial builds of Android 13 are “working much better than expected” just before releasing the teaser. Carl Pei did say that the Phone (1) would probably get Android-13’s in the first half of 2023 back in the summer.

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Additionally, Carl Pei mentioned that the Nothing Phone (1) would likely receive a beta by the end of 2022, indicating that the release is getting closer. Before the year 2023, nothing has yet to begin providing beta testers with access to its Android-13 skin.

It is regrettable that Nothing has taken so long to prepare a beta so that Phone owners (1) can begin experimenting with Android-13. However, Paranoid Android’s third-party ROM support may be utilized by eager, tech-savvy users.

In October, Paranoid Android released its Topaz Alpha 1 build, giving Nothing Phone 1 user a taste of Android-13 before the company officially released the new operating system to all devices.

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