Leaks OF Google Pixel Tablet Appear On Facebook Marketplace


The Google Pixel Tablet might finally be arriving to customers or at least one of them. It, along with the speaker docking station, found its way to Facebook Marketplace in the United States. The combination costs $400, although this is not an official price.

Google first teased the Pixel Tablet in Could indeed and then provide further details during the Pixel 7 launch. In October, we learned more. but since then, there actually hasn’t been any Pixel Tablet news.

Google Pixel Tablet Appear


Images from the rouge listing show the tablet in action as well as the Google Pixel Launcher on a tablet. The wallpaper appears to be genuine, as it is similar to the Pixel 7 series’ Feathers collection.


The tablet includes 256GB of storage, possibly with 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and a Tensor chip (first or second gen). The unit’s battery is at 70% capacity and has an estimated run time of 16 hours.

google-pixel-tablet-004 google-pixel-tablet-005

The Charging Speaker Dock, on the other hand, will transform the Pixel Tablet into a large-screen Nest Hub (like the Nest Hub Max). The tablet attaches to the dock and becomes an always-on, always-listening Google Assistant. The dock “transforms your tablet from something that sits in your drawer to a vital part of your life,” according to Google.


All that remains is for Google to reveal the Pixel Tablet.

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