Google patents futuristic Pixel tablet Renders show.

The company also makes plenty of tech products, such as Google Pixel smartphones, Nest speakers and cameras, and of course 2in1 Chromebook laptops. Until 2019, the American manufacturer also produced tablets, the 12.3-inch Pixel Slate was the last model. Later, attention shifted to convertible laptops, which offer both laptop and tablet convenience. A patent filed recently by Google LLC shows that the R&D department was already working on very advanced projects at the time. gif maker%2B%25287%2529 -

The Mountain View company patented a particularly futuristic tablet in Japan, but it was not approved and issued by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) until June 28, 2021. This is a design patent, so features and specifications remain unknown. Google has captured the device from all sides. The Google tablet shown has a full screen design with very thin screen borders. The device has nice rounded corners. On the back, the case is rounded on all four sides, which contributes to a good grip and a clean look. Unfortunately, the patent images do not show any details of the connections, buttons, and / or cameras. gif maker%2B%25286%2529 -

This did not stop the graphic designer. Giuseppe Spinelli, aka Snoreyn, to bring the patented design to life. Giuseppe created a series of 3D product renderings based on the images of the Google LLC patent.Google Pixel 6 Design For colour and choice of materials, Giuseppe has been inspired by the recently announced Google Pixel 6 smartphone. The tablet is also equipped with the same characteristic power and volume buttons – as can be seen in the render below. In addition, the Google Pixel tablet is equipped with a hole-punch camera, which is useful for making a video call or taking a selfie. stereo speakers are also available, two at the top and two at the bottom. In addition, a USBC connection has been inserted into the design at the bottom to charge the device. gif maker%2B%25285%2529 -

 A rectangular surface has been applied to the back, as can also be seen in the patent images. Inside is the signature Google logo. The operating system chosen was Android 12. The Google Pixel 6 series, due for release in the fall, will be the first smartphone to run on the new Android 12 operating system. The company’s 2in1 laptops. Now we come to the third generation of foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z  Fold 3 are already evolving apps much better than before. Even Google itself is working on a foldable smartphone. gif maker%2B%25289%2529 - gif maker%2B%25288%2529 -

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 the Google Pixel Fold has been around for quite some time. It is possible that Google will give a first look at this device when launching the Pixel 6 (Pro) smartphones. However, the Pixel Fold is no longer expected in 2021. Google’s first foldable phone is said to have a flexible 7.6-inch display and run on the Android 12 operating system. gif maker%2B%252811%2529 - gif maker%2B%252810%2529 -

You can assume that Google will also be designing a number of new and unique software features for the Pixel Fold, which will likely be found on other foldable smartphones over time as well. It is far from certain that these developments will also ensure that manufacturers release more tablets in the future. Finally, foldable phones / roll-up phones will be able to perform this function very well. For larger jobs, laptops will remain popular.

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