Samsung works on Google’s 3rd-gen Tensor chip

Samsung works on Google's 3rd-gen Tensor chip


• There are rumours that Samsung is working on the third iteration of the Google Tensor processor.

• The new chip is found on the Ripcurrent development board.

• The 3rd-gen Tensor is rumoured to make an appearance with Google’s Pixel 8 series in 2024.

There have been rumours regarding Google Tensor soc’s latest generation for a while. But it appears that Samsung is developing a new processor for the Pixel maker. Furthermore, it looks that a replacement for the Exynos 1280 is also in the pipeline.

Samsung produces other Tensor chips

The first phone from the tech giant with its own CPU was Google Pixel 6. In this instance, Eigen quickly revealed itself to have been “developed in partnership with Samsung.” Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the future Pixel 7 will likely also use a chipset that is manufactured by Samsung. The first information concerning this “Tensor 2” has already come to light. It may be created on a developer forum with the codename “Cloudripper,” for instance.

Samsung works on Google's 3rd-gen Tensor chip

This leads us to believe that the information we received was probably not from the “Tensor 2.” We discovered that Samsung is presently testing the S5P9865 processor on a development board known as “Ripcurrent.” The actual chip could have the codename “Zuma.” We are hesitant to identify the chip at issue, though.

Of fact, it is interesting that the S5P9865 likewise maintains a consistent naming pattern (9865). The S5P9845 turned out to be the first Tensor soc; the S5P9855, which we previously reported, is now known to be something altogether different. We cannot confirm that it will eventually show to be the only significantly enhanced second generation of the Tensor soc.

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Samsung works on Google's 3rd-gen Tensor chip

Samsung is busy developing its own new Exynos CPUs at the same time. Although it is doubtful that the Exynos 2300 (S5E9935) will be in the Samsung Galaxy S23 next year, we previously uncovered a potential Exynos 2300. South Korean engineers also seem to be working on the Exynos 1280, which will replace the Galaxy A53 chipset (S5E8825). The product code S5E8835 is being used to create and test this probable “Exynos 1380.” The Galaxy A54 next year may be a contender phone for this chipset, but – you guessed it – that can’t be declared with assurance just yet.

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