New AI shopping feature lets you virtually try on clothes


You can know right away if the clothes are the right fit for you when you put them on in a store. If they’re not, a salesperson can exchange them for items with new colors, designs, or price ranges that better suit your needs. You soon find yourself leaving in clothing you like.

You should have no trouble buying clothing online. To give you this fitting room experience, we’re launching two new features today: With the help of new filters, a virtual try-on for clothing lets you see items on a variety of real people while using generative AI.

View clothing on various skin tones and body types

As clothing is one of the most popular buying categories, most online consumers concur that it can be difficult to predict how things will look on you before you buy them. 42% of online consumers feel that models’ photographs don’t accurately depict the products, and 59% are unhappy with an item they purchased because it didn’t fit them as expected when they received it. You may now determine whether an item is right for you before you buy it thanks to our new virtual try-on feature on Search.


You can virtually try on clothing to see how it looks on several real models. This is how it goes: Our new generative AI model can accurately simulate how a piece of clothing would drape, fold, cling, stretch, create wrinkles, and cast shadows on a variety of real models in various poses using just one image of clothing. We chose individuals in the size ranges XXS–4XL to represent various skin tones, body types, ethnicities, and hair types. We used the Monk Skin Tone Scale as a guide.

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A phone animation shows Google’s virtual try-on feature. The phone shows models in varying sizes wearing a green top.

Customers in the United States can now virtually try on women’s clothing from a variety of Google brands, such as Everlane, H&M, and LOFT. Simply tap items with the “Try On” icon on Search and choose the design that speaks to you the most.

This technology can expand to more brands and products in the future when used in combination with our Shopping Graph, the most complete database of products and sellers in the world. Watch out for additional alternatives for virtual try-ons of clothing, including the arrival of men’s shirts later this year.

Find the ideal product by refining it.

Do you like that top but wish it were less expensive? Maybe it’s the same jacket but with a different pattern? In a store, associates can assist you with this by recommending and locating alternative possibilities depending on what you’ve already tried on. When you buy clothing online, you may now get that extra helping hand.

Our brand-new guided refinements can assist American customers in adjusting products until they reach the ideal one. You can enhance by utilizing inputs like color, style, and pattern thanks to machine learning and new visual matching techniques. You are not restricted to a single retailer, unlike when you shop at a store: You’ll see selections from several online retailers. This function, which is accessible for toppers to begin with, is located directly within the product listings.

A GIF of a mobile screen scrolling through pink blouses. A cursor taps on various refinements, including price, color and pattern.

We anticipate that AI will continue to enhance our lives in both significant and subtle ways, helping us out with simple tasks like grocery shopping (and having fun). Watch this space for additional details on how we’re utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI to support secure online shopping.

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