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1. President Xi Jinping and Bill Gates had a meeting in Beijing


Elon Musk visited China earlier this month, and soon after, another tech millionaire from the United States was welcomed there. China’s state media stated that Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, met President Xi Jinping on Friday in Beijing.


2. Reddit’s CEO criticizes protestors, moderators, and third-party apps

reddit logo broken -

Steve Huffman, the CEO of Reddit, isn’t giving up over objections about the platform’s changes to its API. Huffman defended the company’s business decisions to charge third-party apps in talks with The Verge, NBCNews, and NPR by explaining that the API wasn’t meant to serve these clients.


3. ‘Activities’ on Discord for group gaming are now free for everyone

The Discord logo.

Activities, a feature for voice channels that enables members to play games or view material together, will continue to be free for all Discord users, according to a recent announcement from the company.

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4. Apple starts mass manufacturing the iPhone 15 in China

Apple Begins Mass Production Of iPhone 15 In China; Everything We Know So Far

Apple plans to release the eagerly awaited iPhone 15 series in September 2023, which is believed to once again lift the bar for smartphones. Numerous leaks that may include information about these forthcoming products have surfaced. According to a well-known rumor, the iPhone 15 series will cost more than its forerunners and might have the same design language as the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max versions.


5. Why the ‘Oxenfree II’ team was chosen to be Netflix’s first game studio

Oxenfree II

Night School was searching for a collaboration at the beginning of 2021. A breakout hit for the studio in 2016, Oxenfree, was followed by Afterparty in 2019 and Next Stop Nowhere, an Apple Arcade exclusive, in 2020. By 2021, Night School was a well-known independent company and co-founders Sean Krankel and Adam Hines had negotiated arrangements with the major companies in the market, including Xbox, PlayStation, Valve, Nintendo, and Apple.


6. Apple Watch will be your “Key to the World” according to Apple

Apple Watch Ultra

In an interview with CNBC in 2019, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the tech giant’s biggest gift to humanity will be about health. With its capacity to measure a variety of biological indicators, the Apple Watch might represent the greatest advancement in that direction. Apple’s nearly ten-year-old smartwatch, however, also serves an additional significant function: it serves as your “key to the world.”


7. This year, Apple Music will introduce 5 new features

5 New Apple Music Features Feature 1

The release of iOS 17 in October will bring Apple Music a number of significant new features that should enhance the overall experience of using the Music app and the Apple Music streaming service. Below, we list every update and modification you might be expecting when iOS 17 is released later this year.

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8. Pixar used AI to support the flame of an elemental

PIXAR WAS an issue. The film’s title, Elemental, was based on characters created by The Good Dinosaur director Peter Sohn, but animating the movie’s namesake components proved to be difficult. It’s one thing to depict a collapsing mound of sentient earth, but how do you depict the ethereal nature of fire on screen, and how would a physical body formed of water even function? Is it transparent to you? Do the eyes simply drift around?


9. Nearly all domestic flights on partner airlines now have access to free in-flight Wi-Fi to T-Mobile

T-Mobile expands free in-flight Wi-Fi to nearly 100% of domestic flights on partner airlines

Last year, T-Mobile launched a collaboration with domestic airlines to offer customers free Wi-Fi access while they fly. If you truly wanted internet when flying with one of T-Mobile’s partner airlines, you had to cross your fingers because the service did not cover all local flights on those airlines.


10. Galaxy Z Fold5 First official image leaks


The first image of the Galaxy Z Fold5 appears to be officially surfaced online. The new foldable smartphone is expected to be launched next month, and it appears to be a marketing image for it. Given that the formal launch is just over a month away, it’s hardly unexpected that the most significant leaks have just actually started to surface.


11. Samsung Galaxy S23 series Improvements to the cameras 

Samsung Galaxy S23 series get major update with camera improvements

The S91xBXXU2AWF1 update from Samsung for the Galaxy S23 series of phones has started to be deployed. The June security patch is confirmed to be included in the new firmware upgrade, and the changelog indicates a 2.2GB download size.

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