Searching with generative AI: 3 new ways

Searching with generative AI 3 new ways

We’re starting off the launch of Search Labs, a new initiative that allows users to explore early Google experiments. You will get an email notification when you may begin testing Labs experiments, such as SGE (Search Generative Experience), Code Hints, and Add to Sheets, in the United States if you have previously signed up for the waitlist at You may sign up for these projects by tapping the Labs button in the most recent Google app (Android and iOS) or on Chrome’s desktop. To see your queue status, go to the Labs website.

Once you’re there, the new search experience enabled by generative AI will assist you in taking some of the labour out of searching so you can comprehend a subject more quickly, discover fresh angles and insights, and complete tasks more quickly. Thus, Search Now can carry out some of the hard work for you rather than having to ask many questions and piece together that information yourself.


1. generative AI easily become knowledgeable about a fresh or challenging subject.

You could be beginning to compare learning the ukulele to learning the guitar, for example, before making your final choice. Search will provide an AI-powered overview to help you understand the important elements to take into account. Another example is “Benefits of Incorporating Your Firm Before Freelancing,” which you might research if you’re interested in learning more about establishing your own business. You may quickly grasp the big picture before using links to articles to go further.

2. Discover quick hints for your particular queries.

There are instances when you have a very particular query in mind and it would be helpful to view a selection of online information. Look up “How to remove an old coffee stain out of a wool sweater” if you discover your beloved vintage sweater hiding in the back of your wardrobe but immediately realize it needs some TLC. Search for “How can I rapidly renew my passport?” if you need to make sure your papers are current yet are getting ready to go abroad. With the aid of the internet, you may now quickly obtain hints for the important information you need to be aware of or see a variety of possibilities and go to the next step.

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3. Find a range of goods and factors to think about when shopping.

If you want to decorate your apartment using removable wallpaper. Just do a search for “Peel and stick wallpaper for kitchen” to learn about crucial details, such as how simple it is to remove, and to get a list of chic alternatives that include pricing, user reviews, and links to places where you can make a purchase. To find crucial factors for that setting, such as water resistance and battery life, plus a variety of possibilities, try searching for a “Bluetooth speaker for a pool party.”


Also, you may “ask a follow-up question” or choose a recommended next step, which will put you in conversational mode, just underneath the picture if you want to go more.

We’re starting with this experiment to introduce generative AI to Search, and we’ll keep updating and improving it. We’re eager for you to try out these new features and provide feedback as we continue to rethink how we can make it even more natural and easy to locate what you’re searching for.

The way we search the web is changing as a result of a new technology called generative AI. Search engines can now comprehend natural language and provide relevant results instantly thanks to generative AI. As a result, you may now have a conversational exchange of questions and answers to seek assistance with your particular problems.

These are some examples of how you can search the web using generative AI:

  • You may expose by posing open-ended queries like “What are the benefits and drawbacks of electric cars?” or “What is the background of the internet?”
  • You can produce more artistic outcomes, such as pictures, films, and music. You may look for “pictures of the solar system” or “videos of the newest music releases,” for instance.
  • Based on your choices and interests, you may obtain results that are better tailored to you. For instance, you may look for “movies that are comparable to The Godfather” or “recipes for gluten-free sweets.”
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You can find the information you need more quickly and simply with the help of the powerful new technology known as generative AI.


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