New Beats Fit Pro Colours For Kim Kardashian

New Beats Fit Pro Colours For Kim Kardashian
Beats Fit Pro Kim Kardashian

It’s no longer a surprise that Beats produced a top-notch set of wireless earbuds with the Beats Fit Pro. There isn’t anything to hate about these headphones because they have superb active noise cancellation, dependable battery life, fantastic sound quality, and smart capabilities that are similar to the high-end Apple AirPods. They were even dubbed our top pick for wireless earphones available today.

Ten months after their first debut, Kim Kardashian’s cooperation with Beats Fit Pro has brought them back into the spotlight.

New Beats Fit Pro Colours

New Beats Fit Pro Colours For Kim Kardashian

The Fit Pro headphones designed in conjunction with reality TV personality, influencer, and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian now come in three additional colours, according to Beats. The hues, Moon, Dune, and Earth, are intended to be a statement item and go with any outfit you choose to wear that day. To be more adaptable and neutral, they are far more subdued than the other colours the Fit Pros are offered in.

New Beats Fit Pro Colours For Kim Kardashian

In a press release, Kardashian stated, “I wanted to break away from the assumption that headphones had to be bright to make a statement. “This cooperation is significant because Beats is recognised for making items that highlight individuality, and it lets you fit in or stand out.”

New Beats Fit Pro Colours For Kim Kardashian

Kim inspired the first-ever Beats Fit Pro custom headphones with her signature minimalist design, according to Eddy Cue, senior vice president of services at Apple. We’re thrilled to provide music lovers and fashionistas with Beats’ most cutting-edge headphones in a stunning new colour pallet.

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The Beats by Kim Kardashian brand

Beginning on August 16, the new Beats x Kim edition of the Beats Fit Pro will be offered for $199 on Apple’s website. Beginning on August 17, you may purchase the new headphones via approved third-party merchants like Amazon as well as in-person Apple Stores, though Beats warns that supplies will be limited.

New Beats Fit Pro Colours For Kim Kardashian

Beats isn’t altering the Fit Pro in any way outside the new colours. That implies that you’ll receive the same very comfortable style with a rubber-coated wingtip form ideal for daily usage or exercise. To protect you from perspiration and showers of rain, there is also IPX4 certification.

New Beats Fit Pro Colours For Kim Kardashian

Additionally, there is active noise cancellation and a Transparency mode for listening to your environment at any time. The earbuds include a unique acoustic foundation that produces balanced sound, and they enable spatial audio on Apple devices with the H1 processor.

Additionally, that chipset offers additional intelligent functions like voice commands and rapid pairing, and the Beats app for Android gives users without Apple devices some personalization options. On a full charge, the battery can run for up to six hours, and the casing adds another 18 hours of power. There is no wireless charging, however, you may recharge with the included USB-C connection.

The Fit Pro are among the best earbuds money can buy, and this new partnership is a perfect reason to finally get them if you’ve been waiting for a more natural-looking colour choice for your daily commute or workout.

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