New Beats Fit Pro includes ANC technology, an H1 chip, and wing tips designs.

 Beats, an Apple-owned audio products company, has introduced its newest headphone offering. These are the Beats Fit Pro headphones, which cost $ 199.99 and have an unique construction. For the price, the Fit Pro headphones offer a good set of functions.

With the supplied charging case, it includes active noise cancellation (ANC), IPX4 water and dust resistance, and up to 30 hours of playback. The Beats Fit Pro can play for up to 7 hours on a full charge. Fit Pro is in the middle of the Beats Studio Buds and Powerbeats lines (Powerbeats Pro and Powerbeats).

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Beats states that the Fit Pro’s dovetail design is the result of intensive study and the use of the strongest materials available. The Beats Fit Pro has undergone extensive testing, according to the firm, and the materials used are of the finest quality. The unique design prevents the headphones from becoming trapped in the ears even in the most tough and exhausting settings.

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 Apple’s H1 processor, which has auto-sync, one-step pairing, dynamic head-sensing for spatial audio, auto-switching, and a sensing sensor, is also included in the Pro. White, black, grey, and purple will be the four colour options for the Beats Fit Pro earbuds.Pre-orders have begun, and actual shipments will begin on November 5. The new Beats Fit Pro headphones appear to be a decent value for the new and exciting features they provide. The Beats Fit Pro will cost $ 199.99, as previously announced.

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