Two new metal bands for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro released Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics will introduce two new metal bands for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Watch 5.

The “Link Bracelet” strap adds to the beauty of the “Galaxy Timepiece 5 Pro” and has the feel of an analogue watch thanks to its lightweight titanium construction. By just switching the strap, users might have the impression that they are wearing a new style of watch.

The Link Bracelet strap gives the “Galaxy Watch 5 Pro” a posh analogue watch feel and can be worn with a suit, whilst the D-buckle sports band, the device’s standard strap is better suited for outdoor activities.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro ‘Link Bracelet’ strap

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The product has a button-type connection system that makes it simple to connect the watch body and the strap. The strap’s length can also be readily changed using a button. The buckle uses a magnetic fastening technique to offer comfortable and opulent use.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro ‘Link Bracelet’ Black strap

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For the “Galaxy Watch 5,” Samsung Electronics will also release a “Millanese” strap. The Millennium Strap’s high stainless steel construction ensures excellent durability, allowing for worry-free use without concern for contamination or corrosion.

Galaxy Watch 5 44mm ‘Milenise’ premium stainless steel strap

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Additionally, the stainless steel mesh structure is precisely integrated to offer a snug fit and superior ventilation. Additionally, this product has a button that connects the body to the strap, and the buckle has a magnetic fastening system.

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The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Link bracelet strap retails for 253,000 won in the domestic market, while the Milanese strap costs 99,000 won for both the 44mm and 40mm versions of the Galaxy Watch 5.

Galaxy Watch 5 44mm ‘Milenise’ premium stainless steel Black strap

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Samsung Electronics is providing a discount of 198,000 won for the Link bracelet strap and 77,000 won for the Millennium strap on for the whole month of November to mark the launching of two different types of straps.

Also available from Samsung Electronics are the Galaxy Watch 5 Bluetooth model and Millennise strap, as well as the Galaxy Watch 5 Bluetooth model with Link bracelet strap. For the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, each bundle costs 599,000 won, 339,000 won for the Watch 5 44mm, and 319,000 won for the Watch 5 40mm.

All customers who buy the Galaxy Watch 5 series will receive a 30,000 won voucher for accessories from Samsung Electronics. Customers may utilise the discount to get straps and different accessories at a lower cost.

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