Exclusive: Leaked Galaxy S23 series High-resolution Images whole Design


Samsung customers all across the world are expecting the release of the Galaxy S23 series. The new lineup is likely to be unveiled early next month. We may expect additional leaks and rumours in the days leading up to the launch.

While renderings have previously been released, what looks to be high-resolution press images of the Galaxy S23, S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra have recently appeared online. They provide us with an excellent glimpse at the design of Samsung’s upcoming flagship series.


Take a look at these stunning Galaxy S23 series photos

In terms of design, the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ will seem nearly identical. The more sophisticated rear camera arrangement and boxy design that recalls the Galaxy Note flagships give the Galaxy S23 Ultra a more unique back.

leaked-galaxy-s23-render-4 leaked-galaxy-s23-render-3

The new colour selections from Samsung look to have a subtle and modest beauty to them. When the handsets are released later next month, the new green and pink colours are anticipated to be popular.

leaked-galaxy-s23-render-2 leaked-galaxy-s23-render-1

The design improvements are slight, but they will set the new series apart from its predecessor immediately. For the camera configuration, Samsung has abandoned the Contour Cut design in favour of a more flushed approach. The camera cutouts now protrude ever so slightly from the otherwise seamless back panel design.

leaked-galaxy-s23-ultra-render-3 leaked-galaxy-s23-ultra-render-4

This offers the device a more basic design, in contrast to the earlier Galaxy S series models, which featured more dramatic designs. This is a great improvement for the lineup, and fans will undoubtedly hope that it will spread to more Samsung flagships in the future.

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leaked-galaxy-s23-ultra-render-2 leaked-galaxy-s23-ultra-render-5

The date for the Unpacked 2023 event has yet to be confirmed by the company. According to reports, it will take place in early February.

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