New Pixel Watch details and promo images leaked

incorrect Amazon listing that has since been removed, further Pixel Watch information and pictures have been made public.

According to 9to5Google, the item was quickly discovered and several promotional photographs were saved before it was taken down by renowned leaker Steve H.McFly (through Slashleaks) and SmartDroid.

We already know about the general design of Google‘s first Pixel Watch because the company hasn’t been afraid to show it off, and it has also been the subject of several leaks. However, today’s leak has exposed all the band selections as well as some other details, like Fitbit connections.

New Pixel Watch details and promo images leaked

The Pixel Watch sports a circular dial and a domed shape, as seen by official pictures. The edges of the display appear to be curved. The revolving crown is composed of recycled stainless steel.

New Pixel Watch details and promo images leaked

Bands and watch faces for the Pixel Watch

The most important leak to date maybe this one. First of all, it has been made known that there will be four different band options: silicone bands in black, grey, off-white, and light green; woven fabric style bands in orange, green, and black; and two different leather band options, one of which comes in black and green and the other in black, grey, and orange colourways.

New Pixel Watch details and promo images leaked

The gallery also contains never-before-seen watch faces, such as one that displays the time just in text and another that has graphics in the form of a landscape.

New Pixel Watch details and promo images leaked

Apart from that, we get to see a few features that will be influenced by Fitbit’s subsidiary products, such as support for ECG. A fast pair interface and an emergency call interface are also shown in the photographs.

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New Pixel Watch details and promo images leaked

The Corning Gorilla Glass, sleep tracking, and rapid connection with the Pixel Buds, among other early reports, have all been confirmed by the Pixel Watch Amazon listing. It appears that the watch will also include an emergency mode that will notify particular contacts. Additionally, it appears that Fitbit Premium will be available to Pixel Watch purchasers for free for a period of six months.

At the I/O conference in May, Google gave the Pixel Watch its first public glimpse. The wearable is intriguing because it will be the first watch produced by a business that has been creating watch software for years. This may make it a fierce rival to the top smartwatches on the market right now.

New Pixel Watch details and promo images leaked

The watch will reportedly cost $349 when it launches, making it more costly than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 but less expensive than the Apple Watch Series 8. According to rumours, the Pixel Watch will include a CPU and a coprocessor inside, along with 1.5GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Its battery life should be a whole day.

On October 6, the Pixel Watch will be fully unveiled. According to a report, it will be included with Pixel 7 Pro-pre-orders.

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