Price and color leak for Google Pixel Watch

Price and color leak for Google Pixel Watch

The price and colour options for the upcoming Google Pixel Watch have recently surfaced. As for the specifications, we anticipate a circular, sub-2 OLED display for the Google Pixel Watch. Exynos 9110 from Samsung, a wearables chipset featuring a Cortex-M33 coprocessor, up to 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of native storage.

Regarding features, Google teased the Pixel Watch by stating that it will include “deeper Google Assistant, smart home, and Fitbit connectivity,” as well as “an enhanced Wear OS UI, with more fluid navigations and smart notifications.” According to Pricebaba’s tipster, none of these choices will cost the earth.

The price of a Google Pixel Watch

•for the Wi-fi variant costs $250, while the LTE version costs $399.

Price and color leak for Google Pixel Watch 01

According to rumours, Google will charge between $250 and $350 for the Pixel Watch, maybe depending on its specifications, size, and body material.

This is for the Wi-Fi-only device; however, an earlier leak indicated that the Pixel Watch LTE variant would cost $399, which would be equivalent to more than 400 EUR in Europe given that the dollar has attained parity with the common market currency.

In contrast, the smaller Galaxy Watch 5 costs $280 for the base model, which is around what Google wants to charge for the Pixel Watch, while the upcoming Apple Watch 8 starts at $399 for the Wi-fi variant.

colours of the Google Pixel Watch




When the Google Pixel Watch was first announced, it was said to be available in three colours: black, grey, and gold. Well, it would appear that those reports weren’t entirely false because the source now states that the Pixel Watch colours will be Chalk, Charcoal, and Obsidian.

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The only colour that deviates from the original theory is the Gold hue, which has clearly changed into Chalk, or off-white, in the interim. Obsidian is a deep, jet-black colour, whereas Charcoal is more grey.

To be honest, we’d prefer a white Google Pixel Watch over a golden one, but hey, to each their own. This isn’t to say that Google won’t eventually create a more eye-catching hue for its first smartwatch, or even just a white one.

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