Nothing Ear 2 is official coming this month

Carl Pei's company has officially confirmed the existence of the Nothing Ear 2, which debuted around two years prior to the Nothing Ear 1.

Carl Pei’s company has officially confirmed the existence of the Nothing Ear 2, which debuted around two years previous to the Nothing Ear 1. The business hasn’t revealed any information but a teaser image that displays the very edge of the case and a date for its official launch event, staying true to its hyper-focused marketing strategy.

  • This month, Nothing will release Nothing Ear (2).
  • Very likely, the Nothing Ear (2) will have a similar appearance to the Ear (1).
  • In July 2021, The Nothing Ear (1) made its debut in India.

The event will be live broadcast on the Nothing website, where you can also sign up to be informed about it and to hear more information. It will occur on March 22 and get underway at 10:00 AM ET (7:00 am PT). Nothing promises are the website’s slogan “superior audio. Improved clarity. Just got better. This is unquestionably true for every new product launch since companies seldom ever claim that their most recent model is worse than the prior one. Ear 2 “celebrates Nothing’s classic design with exceptional engineering and next-level personalization for the greatest sound experience,” the firm adds in a news release.


In addition, Nobody is releasing a teaser picture of an atlas insect pushing what seems to be the Ear 2 casing. It’s difficult to see because of the viewpoint, but we believe the Ear 2 will feature a housing that resembles that of the Ear 1, which had a recognizable rectangular form. We believe the firm will maintain its transparent design and showcase the Ear 2 directly within a transparent casing based on the information we can now see.

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Nothing Ear (2) launch date, time

According to previous rumors, the earbuds will look very similar to the Ear 1, with only a few minor changes to the microphone position.


The company has released other audio-focused devices in addition to the Ear 1. A year after its debut, the business introduced the Nothing Ear Stick, a little less expensive model with a container designed to resemble lipstick.

In any case, during Ear 2’s debut event, we will probably hear a lot more about it, and we wouldn’t be shocked if Nobody released a few more teases beforehand.


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