Now introduce Oppo Find N2 Flip: Unveiled in global markets

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Oppo decided that its smaller, less expensive Find N2 Flip clamshell Mobile phone with a foldable display would fare better on the market than its larger, more expensive Find N2 foldable. As a result, Oppo is releasing it globally at a price that is comparable to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4, which is its main rival, but with better specifications and a more attractive design.

Oppo Find N2 Flip displays and design

The Find N2 Flip, Oppo’s first smartphone in the contemporary clamshell category of phones with bendy displays, is expertly made and has a very familiar outer design that makes it instantly recognizable.
That is the formula for a successful phone line, and Oppo has achieved it by adding a large 3.26-inch external screen on top of that, oriented in portrait, and occupying as much of the back as is technically feasible. This has made it possible for Oppo to display a lot more data there as opposed to the meagre outside screens on the Z Flip 4 or the Moto Razr. It is instantly obvious from one glance at the external screen widget system below that the display is not merely there to waste time previewing notifications.
Other design elements Oppo added to the Find N2 make it the most practical and practical clamshell for daily use available. First off, it has a viewing area that is significantly wider than that of the Z Flip 4’s tall and narrow display without reaching the ultrawide extremes of the Razr because it is as wide as a typical bar phone when the 6.8-inch internal display is flipped up.
Finally, Oppo created the Find N2 Flip to be a slimmer foldable phone when it is closed, which is an impressive feat given the considerably larger 4300 mAh battery within. Because they fit in skinny pants pockets and every little bit helps when it comes to thickness, many current clamshell phone owners opt for them. The Find N2 Flip is only a little taller than the Z Flip 4 as well, further enhancing its ergonomics brilliance despite all these tasty upgrades.

A new hinge for flexion

Thanks to the inventive Flexion hinge design, Oppo progressively started to outperform Samsung in its own foldable phone display game by providing products with a scarcely perceptible seam in the centre where they bend.
According to Oppo, “the new, improved 1/4 spindle assembly can be attributed to the Find N2 Flip’s ability to hold its position mid-fold and the smoothness of its folding mechanism,” “Cam systems on either side of the hinge offer the ideal amount of resistance, working in tandem with the friction plate to firmly hold the folding angle of your choosing between 45o and 110o.”
The Find N2 Flip’s new version of Flexion Hinge features an almost undetectable crease and no thigh gap when the phone is closed, and it has also been made smaller to accommodate a larger battery.
The hinge has been put to the test for ten years, opening and closing 100 times each day, and it has held up wonderfully, even in extremely cold or hot circumstances.

Oppo Find N2 Flip display quality

In addition to having Oppo’s renowned per-unit factory broad colour gamut calibration and a 6.8-inch 2520 x 1080 pixels primary display with granular 1Hz-120Hz dynamic refresh rate, it is also the brightest display on a clamshell foldable with up to 1600 nits of peak brightness. The 3.3-inch external screen is just as bright, with 900 nits, making it suitable for use on the beach, while both panels use the standard brightness of 500 nits.

specifically designed for this chipset

In line with the growing trend in the market, Oppo created a premium Dimensity 9000+ chip system to better serve the needs of the N2 Flip. For instance, the power draw improvements permitted an hour-long video chat, two more hours of social media browsing, and a staggering five more hours of music playback.
The chipset is extremely powerful in and of itself, built using the same 4nm manufacturing process as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, but with more cores and faster clock speeds. The phone has 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.


The camera hardware is just another area where the Find N2 Flip outperforms Samsung’s clamshell. The N2 Flip, which has a 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor, is prepared to take the best selfies currently available while using the large external screen as a viewfinder. For high-quality video chats, there is also a 32MP selfie camera built into the main display and an 8MP ultrawide angle camera on the rear.
The Find N2 Flip’s clamshell shape and innovative 45-to-110-degree Flexion Hinge stops let you shoot pictures and film videos in any angle. The new waist-high position allows you to partially bend and lower the phone while the preview immediately shifts to the bottom half of the screen so you can still see the entire scene. This allows you to use the phone as a camcorder bent at a 90-degree angle. While holding the phone open at 90 degrees to allow for steady video conversation or timelapse sessions, the Dual Screen preview mode enables your subject to see and remark on the framing.
Oppo and Hasselblad have also collaborated to improve the camera system’s photography algorithms or to certify the RAW files with HNCS for mobile in order to give more realistic colour reproduction.

Charging and battery life

By repositioning the SIM tray and the outlet position, Oppo created space for an additional 186 mAh of battery capacity. Additionally, Oppo stretched the battery pack into the area that the shrinking hinge created.
Through a combination of minor savings, Oppo was able to cram a massive 4300 mAh battery—enough to last the average person all day—into the slim and lightweight clamshell. Additionally, the high-density battery pack features Oppo’s own chemistry and controllers, enabling it to charge to 50% with the 44W charger in 23 minutes.

Oppo Find N2 Flip price and availability

  • Preorder: February 15
  • Price: £849 (256GB)
  • Oppo Enco X2 earbuds and a premium, custom case are preorder bonuses
  • Release date: March 1
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The Find N2 Flip is being released on a global scale for £849 in the UK, which is less than the Z Flip 4’s $1,000 price, but it has a more stylish body, a bigger display, a better camera, a bigger battery, and faster charging, in addition to having the coolest external display on a clamshell foldable! Any takers?
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