Now Current Galaxy devices get Samsung One UI 5.1


One UI 5.1, which just debuted with the Galaxy S23 series Mobile at Galaxy Unpacked 2023, will start to roll out globally for other Galaxy smartphones, starting with the Galaxy S22 series, Z Fold4, Z Flip4, S21 series, and S20 series, according to a recent announcement from Samsung Electronics. With One UI 5.1, Galaxy devices will offer an interface that is more aesthetically pleasing and has new features that allow for more personalization and creativity for an all-around more beautiful experience.

According to Janghyun Yoon, EVP and Senior Executive, Software Office, “One UI 5.1 is the most recent example of Samsung’s dedication to providing Galaxy consumers with the latest advancements as quickly as possible.” “Within a few short weeks after the Galaxy S23 series announcement, we have worked together with our service providers and carrier partners to provide One UI 5.1 to current Galaxy smartphones and tablets throughout the world.”

A professional camera and more interesting galleries

One UI 5.1 adds to the newly improved photography features that launched with the Galaxy S23 series. With the addition of Expert RAW features to the Galaxy Camera app, users have more freedom to produce photographs of a professional calibre. To take high-quality pictures in their raw format, just press “More” when taking a picture. Additionally, the upgraded AI-based Photo Remaster intelligently corrects colours, brightens details, and enhances deteriorating image details, even in backlit scenarios. For a picture-perfect photo, it also eliminates undesirable shadows and reflections.


The Gallery app’s new navigational enhancements also make it simpler than ever to find photographs and construct shared family albums. The Gallery app searches for loved ones’ faces to recommend family photo albums by just tapping a person’s face in a photo to search for more pictures.

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A Customized Mobile Experience for Each User

By allowing customers to alter multiple aspects of the user interface, Samsung has long been committed to offering Galaxy owners more control over their devices. With the release of One UI 5.1, users may customize almost every aspect of the mobile experience, including appearance, communications, activities, and more. Samsung recently unveiled new capabilities that can analyze how users interact with devices and offer suggestions accordingly.


In contrast, the new dynamic weather widget assesses the situation at hand and generates a unique design that takes the weather into account. Custom wallpaper, ringtones, touch sensitivity, and typefaces are now available in Modes and Routines, allowing you to further customise some tasks for more convenience. By introducing the capability to offer Spotify tracks and playlists based on users’ actions, such as music for resting or road trips.

Enhanced Connectivity Across the Galaxy Ecosystem

Additionally, Samsung created One UI and released features to assist this goal of enhancing connectivity and integration across the mobile ecosystem. Users can benefit from a connected environment across their mobile and PC with extended Multi Control across the Galaxy Book and smartphones.


This allows users to smoothly copy and paste text and drag and drop images from one device to another as if they were using the same single device. Users may now share the mouse, keyboard, or trackpad of their Galaxy Book not just with their Galaxy tablet but also with some select Galaxy phones. Furthermore, Link to Windows allows users to seamlessly transition between browsing the same pages on their PC and Samsung Internet on their phones. Additionally, these pages can be opened on other devices, greatly simplifying daily tasks.

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For the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Z Fold4, Z Flip4, S21 series, and S20 series, the One UI 5.1 software upgrade has begun to roll out. Software updates will be made available for additional Galaxy devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, in the coming weeks. The One UI 5.1 software upgrade offers several new features, including performance improvements and an optimized user experience.

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