Pixel 7 Pro reaction videos from Google

Pixel 7 Pro reaction videos from Google

Also with the release of a new film, Google’s marketing/teaser campaign for its forthcoming smartphones is still going strong. That in and of itself is not unusual; after all, the firm has been teasing the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in some capacity since May. However, this video is a little… unique.

It simply demonstrates how individuals responded when they first saw the Pixel 7 Pro, presumably for the first time. That’s all well and good, but until the very end, neither you nor we can see the phone while you and we can see the individuals and their emotions.

Google Pixel 7 Pro reaction videos

Again, if Google hadn’t already shown us the Pixel 7 Pro several times, this wouldn’t be unusual. It has a whole section on its website devoted to it, replete with pictures of all three colour variations!

Anyway, there is a watch (you’ll find out about it only if you watch to the end), and it will be officially unveiled on October 6 at the same event as the two new Pixel phones. On the day of the event, the smartphones will be available for pre-order. Since early August, this has been a rumour; nevertheless, Google has now officially verified the action with the fine print in the video. Then, we’ll presume that the alleged shipment date of October 13 will also materialise, but let’s see.

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