Files by Google roll out redesign with Material You

As Google now roll out a new homepage design with more Material You, the Files by Google app is getting a redesign. In 2018, Google’s Files app made its broad debut and is now installed on Pixel devices and certain Android smartphones. The app hasn’t fully adopted Material You. The app’s support has been teased since 2021, but it hasn’t been made available until now.

Material You have been added as a server-side upgrade to Files by Google v1.292.525444002.

The “Browse” tab of the app has been updated with tap targets that seem like material and have a cleaner appearance. The backdrop and bottom bar of the entire app now include Material You’s unique accent color variations. the differences are nearly invisible functionally, and the overall appearance has significantly improved.

Interestingly, this update also clears the continuous Files by the Google logo and adds a full-width search bar at the top of the app, similar to other Material You designs.

Currently, Files by Google v1.292.525444002 appears to be globally available, but the server-side transition may not have yet reached your device. you can’t see the new design, check the Play Store for updates.


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pratik patil

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