Samsung has released a One UI 4 promotional videos.

 Two official advertising movies for Samsung’s next Android skin, One UI 4, were revealed today. For a time now, public beta versions of this have been available in a few countries, and we’re now on beta 3. Its final build is scheduled to be released in the next weeks, so it’s not surprising that Samsung will create such films to promote its skin.

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The very first video focuses on the evolution of the skin since One UI 2, as well as some user comments, which leads to the major statement that One UI 4 was created in response to user requests. Customizability, as well as widgets (already with curved edges) or dark mode for app icons, all play a significant role.

There is also a lot of other topics discussed as well, but the most surprise development comes at the end of the movie, when Samsung proudly announces that One UI Book 4 will bring some of the action to laptops. That’s basically a laptop-specific version of One UI, as the names suggest.

We didn’t see it coming, but the major question is whether this would genuinely improve the user experience for Samsung laptop customers. Is it merely a desperate effort to duplicate Apple’s ecosystem strategic plan? It might be either, none, or both; we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

The firm goes into better detail in the second video on the customizations built into One UI 4, as well as different photo-related capabilities and easily transferring things to your Samsung laptop. Oh, and don’t say we didn’t warn you about the word “ecosystem” coming.

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To pack things off, we get a look at the Galaxy Watch 4 – which defies the logic of this being a One UI 4 advertising film. And besides, the watch is a part of that powerful ecosystem, so that’s most likely why it was included.


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