samsung Galaxy S22 series leaked cases designs.

 Third-party case makers have already received the necessary design details to start producing protective cases for the Galaxy S22 ahead of the series’ official launch. The first live photos of the third-party Galaxy S22 protective cases have now appeared online and appear to confirm some design details revealed earlier in the renderings.

Galaxy S22 case 3 -

Galaxy S22 case 2 -

 Judging by these third-party case designs, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + will have the same type of camera body design as the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 +. At the same time, the Galaxy S22 Ultra protective cases indicate that in fact the flagship model will revert to an older design language based on a protruding camera housing that does not wrap around the edges of the phone. 

Galaxy S22 Plus case render 1 -

Galaxy S22 case 4 -

 Galaxy S22 / S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra May Look Very Different Recent reports suggest that the Ultra model will not be called the “Galaxy Note 22 Ultra” even though it will have a built-in S Pen slot. But whatever the name, these early photos and renderings lend more weight to the idea that the Ultra model will look nothing like the standard Galaxy S22 and Plus variants. The Galaxy S22 Ultra seems to tick a lot of boxes for fans of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S22 Plus case render 3 -

Galaxy S22 Plus case render 2 -


Galaxy Note. that they were excluded earlier this year. It has a more square design and a dedicated slot for the S Pen, but on the flip side, Samsung doesn’t seem willing to use the same seamless camera body design in the flagship 2022 series. These Galaxy S22 cases Ultra do not confirm whether the “P” shaped camera cutout will accommodate one or two protruding camera elements.But anyway, it’s obvious from these photos that the camera bump won’t wrap around the edges, and it’s the one design element that sets the Galaxy S21 series apart from its rivals and even from other Galaxy phones. 

Galaxy S22 Ultra case design 1 -

Of course, nothing is confirmed until it is, and in theory things can change when Samsung hosts the next Galaxy Unpacked event. But realistically, if case makers have already started producing Galaxy S22 cases to official specifications, then Samsung must have decided on the overall design.

Galaxy S22 Ultra case design 4 -

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source: sammobile

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