Samsung introduces the ISOCELL GWB sensor, RGBW pixels and looks like a human eye.

Samsung revealed today in a webinar sponsored by TECNO Mobile that it is developing its first ISOCELL camera with an RGBW colour filter design. Its new camera sensor is known as ISOCELL GWB, and it boasts a resolution of 64 MP rather than 50 MP, contrary to prior rumours.


Samsung ISOCELL GWB was launched by Samsung Electronics China’s vice president and director of R&D, who described it as “the image sensor closest to the human eye.” The sensor’s sensitivity to light is improved by including a white pixel in the RGB colour filter model. Even in low-light situations, this clever sub-pixel layout allows for brighter photographs and higher colour fidelity while shooting shots.

It’s possible that the ISOCELL GWB will appear on a TECNO Mobile phone.

Samsung developed the ISOCELL GWB sensor in collaboration with Chinese smartphone manufacturer TECNO Mobile. This partnership indicates that  ISOCELL GWB will debut on an upcoming TECNO smartphone next year. However, it might not remain exclusive to the aforementioned Chinese brand, and other Samsung customers could benefit from this technological leap very soon. 


Either way, the ISOCELL GWB doesn’t match the preliminary  Galaxy S22 series camera setup descriptions, so it won’t make its Galaxy Unpacked debut in February. The standard and S22 Plus models are expected to have 50MP primary sensors, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra is reportedly using a 108MP primary shooter. There’s a chance the ISOCELL GWB isn’t the only RGBW sensor Samsung has worked on, and maybe a 50MP RGBW solution could even arrive next year if the rumours are correct soon. Either way, we can be sure that the 64MP ISOCELL GWB won’t be the last RGBW sensor to come out of Samsung’s RandD Labs, even though it will apparently be the first to hit the market next year.

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