DualSense Spider-Man gaming controller for PlayStation 5.

Most of you may recall Giuseppe Spinelli’s exclusive PlayStation 5 game, Spiderman Miles Morales, alias Snoreyn. Before the PS5’s official debut a year ago, the creative Italian graphic designer produced a stunning limited-edition PS5 system idea for LetsGoDigital, based exclusively on the exclusive title Spiderman: Miles Morales. 

Spider-Man PS5 DualSense Edition

This new DualSense controller is likewise well-designed, with a lovely shiny red spider web. This feedback has been very positive, with many people expressing optimism that Giuseppe’s concept will become a reality. The graphic designer and die-hard player were motivated to create his concept. The DualSense controller has been converted into a gorgeous unique Spiderman edition thanks to the collaboration with Italian airbrush artist Enrico Bertagnoli, nicknamed Berta.

Spider-Man PS5 DualSense Edition by Sony

The Italian duo attempted to create the controller as close to the original footage as feasible. Over the last month, the LetsGoDigital editorial team has been able to spend several hours playing with this unusual controller. It’s so much fun to play with this controller. The gamepad is adorned with a gleaming spider web. It’s really constructed of dark chrome red, which reflects the light nicely. It has a luxurious and whimsical feel about it, and it’s similar to Miles’ clothing. 

Spider-Man PS5 DualSense Edition

Morales, The black gaming controller’s touchpad has the iconic “Be Yourself” tagline. Red components have also been added around and surrounding the buttons, giving the DualSense controller its unique individuality. Bert even managed to paint the light bulb, which when switched on displays a variety of colour combinations. When charging, this red glow is apparent as well.

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The back of the controller was not visible in the video. In fact, you can see a beautiful spider here with a dull grey colour scheme. This DualSense controller has a very high-end look and feels, which offers even more gaming pleasure. A passionate project is born, it shows and feels. Noreyn and Berta pursued an incredibly high level of detail. From design to implementation. It is not really visible that this controller has been modified by hand. It takes many hours of hard work, but when you look at the result, it is worth it. Using only high-quality paint, the custom design continues to look good even after many hours of playing. Snoreyn also made a new video, with live images of the controller, as shown above. There is also a grouping box that is fully designed according to the original DualSense box guidelines.

Storey is a graphic designer.

Snoreyn is a true perfectionist. Creativity shaped him from an early age. He feels an immense need to accomplish the things he aspires to. From video games, consoles and gamepads to other types of consumer electronics. Snoreyn took a course in graphic design, where he came into contact with 3D software. He was quickly fascinated by the many possibilities offered by such software. This allowed him to visualize his ideas at 360 °. 

Spider-Man PS5 DualSense Edition

Making 3D designs is a time-consuming job, especially if you are committed to the level of detail that Snoreyn has in mind. He also knows how to deal with the effects of light in a sublime way. Although Snoreyn is not an industrial designer, he always tries to keep in mind how the design would turn out in reality. This stands out once again with this DualSense controller, which went from a sketch to a real product thanks to Snoreyn and Berta.

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GameComputer Museum of Bonami

Want to see this unique DualSense controller in real life? It’s possible, LetsGoDigital is donating its personalized Spiderman controller to the Bonami SpelComputer Museum in Zwolle. It is the largest museum of computers and computer games in the Netherlands. Visitors to the museum are introduced to the history of games and computers. 

Spider-Man PS5 DualSense Edition

There are also many game consoles available for use by the public, including the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. There is also a retro arcade room with over 60 arcade and pinball games, which you can play at. your way. Now visitors to the SpelComputer museum can also come and admire this fantastic controller. Berta created a special frame for the display, in which the controller is displayed. Below you can see Berta’s video where the gamepad is shown in detail, the display frame is also discussed.

Spider-Man PS5 DualSense Edition

Is there a Spider-Man controller with a limited edition?

Want to get your hands on this exclusive controller? For the moment, the Spiderman controller is not for sale, because the project was born from a private initiative. If it turns out that more people are interested, Berta may proceed with limited quantity production of the controller to ensure the high quality and exclusivity of the product. 

Spider-Man PS5 DualSense Edition

Follow Berta and Snoreyn’s social channels to stay up to date on this topic You can also contact Berta for any request regarding custom controllers and other custom painting projects. All her works are entirely handmade, with special attention to originality and quality.

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